5 Cool Ways You Can Wear Your Scarf this Winter

Wearing a scarf in the winter is the perfect way to stay warm while looking cute! Arranging your scarf in different ways is the perfect accessory to customize your look. Wendy’s Lookbook on YouTube talks about twenty five ways you can tie your scarf. You can check it out here:


She illustrates them in only 4 minutes. My favorites are as follows.

The Turtleneck

Source: lamodusa.files.wordpress.com

Who doesn’t love turtlenecks? This look is a super classy way to wear your scarf this winter for both style and warmth.

The Braid

Source: annieshallmark.com

The braid looks super complex once completed, but after watching Wendy’s video it’s super easy to learn and looks amazing when put on.

The Hidden Knot

Source: annieshallmark.com

The hidden knot is perfect for thicker scarves because it is tighter around the neck; it will definitely help keep you warmer during the winter.  

The Waterfall

Source: annieshallmark.com

This is my personal favorite because it looks so elegant and can help accessorize a simple outfit. It may look tricky, but I assure you it doesn’t get simpler than this!

The DIY Infinity

Source: woonko.com

This style is so popular. The best part is that it can be done with a regular scarf simply by tying a knot at the end and wrapping the scarf around your neck twice. It is super stylish and perfect for those cold winter days.

Make sure you check out Wendy’s video, "25 Ways to Wear a Scarf in 4.5 Minutes” to discover more awesome ways to wear your scarf this winter.