5 of the Best Lowkey Beauty Brands You Need To Try ASAP

I don’t know about you, but I’m always interested in finding new makeup lines and products that are going to add some diversity to my personal collection. With hundreds of different beauty styled lines out there, it can be overwhelming with the options and sometimes boring to see the same old products done again and again. These five beauty companies are far from boring, stand out with their innovative products and brand names, and are some of the best quality out there right now from skin care to eyeshadow pigments!


Dragun Beauty

Famous transgender beauty guru and YouTuber, Nikita Dragun, just announced the reveal of her new makeup line, Dragun Beauty. Her newest project entails a makeup brand that tailors to everyone, no matter who you are or what you look like. It is being marketed as the first transgender-owned beauty company, for not just trans people, but for all kinds alike. Her first launch will be the Dragun Egg TRANSformation Kit which will retail $55 for both the products together. This includes two featured products, the Dragun Fire Skin Perfecting Potion ($25 separately), which is a universal colour corrector. The other product is the Dragun Heart Transformation Face Powder ($35 separately). Both these products are certified cruelty-free and vegan by PETA. She markets that the products work for ALL skin tones, which is a large claim to be making in the beauty industry. Her new line seems to be doing incredible work, with two original style products entering the market is a great step in the right direction for her. She really has made a safe and diverse line that we can trust. The website and products officially launch for purchase on March 25, 2019 so set your alarms and sign up for email notification because there’s a good chance this is going to sell out fast!  





the first Dragun Demo from Mama Dragun herself

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Beauty Bakerie

Beauty Bakerie, founded by Cashmere Nicole, is also a cruelty-free and a clean beauty line. Though some of their products are more expensive than other brands, it offers such original, never been done, type of design and products. The translucent powders ($44) are one of their most popular items, and their diverse types of palettes are definitely what makes this brand a great hit. The brand also advertises their products as smudge-proof which is definitely difficult to guarantee but so innovative and makes them stand out from a lot of other makeup lines. Beauty Bakerie is a becoming more well known to influencers and other companies, which is great for them. Lots of products have 5 star ratings, but if you’re still unsure go to YouTube to watch some product reviews! You won’t be able to find a retail store that sells this brand anywhere in Canada, so head online to shop this amazing brand!





Drunk Elephant

For those in need of beauty brand that focuses on skincare, Drunk Elephant is amazing for it. It was founded by Tiffany Masterson, and she created this due to there being too many suspicious ingredients in other skincare brands, which led her to make her own cruelty-free, safe-ingredient products. They have so many progress photos of people’s skin that have used the products to clear up their acne on their social media, which is great! You can shop Drunk Elephant at Sephora or on their website. These products are super high-quality which means they range on the expensive side for skincare, most from $50 - $100. You can snag some products for $35 and some for even $29 that are exclusive at Sephora!  The best thing to do is next time you go into a Sephora store, ask them to give you a sample of the Drunk Elephant products you want to try, but are unsure if they are worth it for you!  





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Makeup Geek

Makeup Geek sells all kinds of products that range from the regular face products, to pigments, to brushes and palettes! It was founded by Marlena, is of course cruelty-free. This brand advertises that all the products are made entirely in the U.S. Everything on this site is super cheap and affordable, and is designed in a way for artists and customers to buy single pans all around $6-$10 to customize your own personal palette. Even their other styled products you won’t find being priced higher than $30, most being $20 or under! The site even offers a tutorial section that shows you how to use their products and you can get an idea of how the products are going to perform. You won’t be able to buy this brand in any store, but the prices are extremely affordable, so ordering online will definitely be worth it!






This brand is a little bit more well-known, but is a makeup line unlike any other. Glossier, founded by Emily Weiss, advertises themselves  as a skin first, makeup second style line, designed very specifically for their customers. They again, are also cruelty-free, with safe ingredients. They just released their Glossier Play line, with innovative, multipurpose style makeup products. These products in the collection are meant to amp up regular looks, and the products have a great price, ranging mostly in the $20 price area. Their skincare products are more on the expensive side, but have amazing reviews on all of them! You can still snag their classic Zit Stick for only $17 and their amazing Balm Dotcom everything skin salve, for $15! Their #1 best selling makeup product is the Boy Brow Pomade ($20), which is an iconic staple product for Glossier that redefined theme as a brand. For this brand, you  won’t find it at Sephora in Canada, so your best bet will be to order online to snag these cool products!  





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I hope these five brands gave you some amazing beauty inspiration, and have inspired you to shop for high-quality skin care and makeup products! I often end up sticking to the same brands all the time because I know I like them and trust the products already, but switching it up and trying new things never hurts! If you’re looking to switch to all cruelty and vegan products you can hit up these brands as well! These brands are really inclusive and diverse, and supporting these small but amazing companies will continue to change the expectations and quality in the beauty community!