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It’s officially that time of year again when it feels like living in a picturesque scene, where the colors not only change and brighten but the warm and still air turns crisp and breezy. Does that sound familiar? Despite having its perks, I’ve experienced rainy springs, scorching summers, and brutally cold winters. The one season that I’ve left out is the one that is the most unpredictable yet diverse. As they say, “’tis the season,” so here are some highlights of my favorite time of year. 

As the weather gradually transitions from summer to autumn, so does our wardrobe. When the temperature and weather drops, layering pieces makes all the difference. Say goodbye to your summer favorites and say hello to your fall attire including cardigans, vests, and sweaters. Autumn holds a lot of potential for diversity in your wardrobe, so creativity is a must! It’s the time where it’s not warm enough for a short-sleeve shirt but not cold enough for a heavy coat. As I said, creativity and layering are key. It’s precisely that potentiality that I admire. You have the freedom to mix and match your favorite pieces to achieve your desired autumn look while still quickly being able to obtain that warmth, comfort, and coziness.

Of course, there is so much more to autumn than a simple outfit. It can be considered a season that brings joy to the soul, not just to the eye. Autumn is one of the best times of the year when it comes to delicious desserts. Whether it’s candied apples, taffies, apple/pumpkin pies, they can be found in abundance nearly everywhere you go. Not to mention the other seasonal treats that will have you tempted and leave you craving for a taste. If you like to get busy in the kitchen, you can tackle any one of these seasonal delights. The talented businesswoman, Martha Stewart, has an entire section of her site dedicated to autumn desserts. I’ve found that her recipes will move you out of your comfort zone for those occasional bakers like myself. However, they are certainly worth the try!

During this seasonal change, remember to take advantage of the festivities your city has to offer. Gather with your friends or family and ride a ferris wheel at a fall fair, go on a haystack ride and scramble your way through a corn maze as you try to find a way out. One fine morning, grab a basket and pick some fresh apples at a local orchard, or search for that perfect pumpkin to carve for your porch.

On those cooler nights, light a fire and enjoy the heat projecting onto your skin with the calming crackling sound from the wood as it slowly burns into ash. While all these fall activities are amusing, to say the least, there is one festivity that is not one to miss, and that’s Halloween. That’s right, it’s spooky season! That calls for costumes, haunted houses, and of course, Halloween movie classics. Regardless of your age, October 31st is one of the most anticipated times of the year.

Autumn adds that extra splash of brightness and color, which we undoubtedly need in the world. Its lustrous ambiance, combined with bright rustling leaves and its natural scent creates a feeling of peace and comfort for anyone immersed in the environment. Each year, I look forward to engulfing myself in the beautiful mosaic autumn depicts as well as experiencing all that fall has to offer. 

For as long as I can remember, writing has been a great passion of mine, and has served as an outlet for expressing myself. It is something that brings me much comfort and joy. I am beyond excited to share my ideas with others!
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