10 LGBTQ+ Youtubers You Need to Watch

Since the popularization of original Youtube content, the site has become a home to a large number of LGBTQ+ creators. For many queer youth, LGTBQ+ Youtube content has been a huge factor in their education on queer issues. Even though Youtube gives LGBTQ+ content creators a platform to have their voices heard, Youtube has recently been restricting LGBTQ-related content. Check out an article by HCYU writer Rowan O’Brien, who wrote about the issue earlier this year.

Needless to say, the increasing restriction of LGBTQ+ content on the Internet is a huge problem for queer youth who have found a safe and welcoming community online. If you are looking for some queer content or would like to learn more about the LGBTQ+ community, two of our writers here at Her Campus York University – Sam Goodyear and Rowan O’Brien – have compiled a list of some of their favourite LGBTQ+ Youtubers.

Sam’s Five:

Gaby Dunn

Gaby Dunn is one half of the odd couple sketch and advice show Just Between Us, a Youtube show she created with her best friend Allison Raskin. Gaby was one of the first bisexual Youtubers I ever watched. I first became aware of her through her role at Buzzfeed, where she appeared in several videos, including many about LGBTQ+ issues. Gaby is bisexual and polyamorous, and she’s a big advocate for queer issues and intersectional feminism. In the past few years, Gaby has worked on several queer-oriented projects, including answering 50+ questions about bisexuality in a video on her solo channel, and writing a young adult novel titled I Hate Everyone But You with her comedy partner Allison Raskin, a novel which features several LGBTQ+ characters. If you to learn more about bisexuality, polyamory, and feminism, Gaby Dunn’s channels are great resources, and they are also guaranteed to make you laugh.

Channels: Just Between Us and Gaby Dunn

Recommended Video: "Your 50+ Bisexuality Questions Answered”

Kat Blaque

Transgender activist and Youtube creator Kat Blaque has taught me a lot of what I know today about intersectional feminism and queer issues. Kat has a Youtube channel on which she creates original videos about everything from racism to trans issues. She has worked on numerous LGBTQ-oriented projects, such as her appearances in Buzzfeed videos, including one entitled “Questions Cis Women have for Trans Women,” in which she helps to answer common questions about her experience as a transgender woman. If you’d like to learn more about LGBTQ+  and other social justice issues, Kat’s videos are a great place to start.

Channels: Kat Blaque & Kat Blaque Rants

Recommended Video: “If Gender Didn’t Exist, Would Trans People?”

Tyler Oakley

Since early on in his career, long-time Youtuber Tyler Oakley has made an effort to use his platform to be an advocate for LGBTQ+ youth. He uses his primarily comedic Youtube channel to entertain and to educate viewers about queer issues, particularly focusing on queer education and the issue of suicide among LGBTQ+ youth. Tyler makes weekly original videos and often collaborates with other LGBTQ+ Youtube creators. In June of this past year, Tyler uploaded a series of queer-oriented videos in honor of Pride month, including a video about LGBTQ+ refugees, a video about how to come out, and a roundtable discussion with a handful of other LGBTQ+ Youtube content creators.

Channel: Tyler Oakley

Recommended Video: “Queer Brunching with Youtubers: An LGBTQ+ Roundtable Chat | Chosen Family | Episode 6”

Stevie Boebi

Lesbian Youtuber Stevie Boebi is one of my favourite queer content creators on the Internet. Stevie makes regular videos on her personal Youtube channel about everything from queer sex education to life advice. Stevie’s popular series “Lesbian Sex 101” aims to educate people about female sexuality and sexual health for queer women, topics which are not discussed often enough in the education system. She has also been known to collaborate with other popular queer Youtubers, including former girlfriend Ally Hills, and friends Gaby Dunn and Dodie Clark. Stevie creates informative and hilarious videos on issues regarding queer women, and gives lesbians a space to feel represented and heard, and the Internet is better off for it.

Channel: Stevie and StevieVlogs

Recommended video: “How To: Look Like a Lesbian”

Rowan Ellis

Rowan Ellis is another great example of a Youtuber who uses her platform to educate others. Rowan uploads video essays and rants about a variety of topics, including mental health issues and LGBTQ+ issues. I first heard of Rowan when I was searching for OCD-related content on Youtube, but I was excited to find that she also makes videos about social justice issues, and includes a lot of queer content on her channel. Recently, Rowan has used her channel to comment on relevant news stories such as the sexual assault allegations against Kevin Spacey, and the way in which his response was damaging to the queer community. Rowan’s brilliant and original content is the kind of content that Youtube needs more of.

Channel: Rowan Ellis

Recommended video: “How Heteronormativity Hurts LGBT/Queer People”

Rowan’s Five:

Rose and Rosie

Yes, technically I am sneaking a couple onto this list as one Youtuber, but that’s only so I can recommend even more queer creators for your own enjoyment. Besides, Rose and Rosie are an inseparable power couple, and dividing them up, even for a list, just seems wrong. These two ladies each run a personal channel, as well as a gaming channel. Because Rose used making Youtube videos as an excuse to hang out with Rosie all the time, you can watch their whole relationship unfold from first dates to married life. Rose is a lesbian, while Rosie is bisexual. So they have a lot of good insights on the WLW community. Along with their more serious chats about issues like biphobia, homophobia, and struggling with mental illness, these two are known for their fun and organic videos where they just sit on their couch and talk about whatever comes to mind. Rose and Rosie are one of the only reasons I believe in true love, and they help me believe that I may not be forever alone. I also got to meet them in person at the Toronto tour date, and I can confirm that they are just as lovely in person.

Channels: Rose Ellen Dix, TheRoxetera, & Let’s Play Games

Recommended video: “HOW WE FIRST MET!”

Alayna Fender

Another one of my favourite Youtubers is Alayna Fender, who is a hilarious and down-to-Earth, Canadian bisexual. What more could you ask for? Alayna balances her more serious “LGBTQ+ Chats” with a hilarious satirical series called, “I Don’t Bi It” where she plays a reporter who is skeptical, to say the least, about bisexuality and other branches of the queer umbrella. Every episode also features a special guest star, such as Chase Ross or Ash Hardell. Alayna is a big advocate for self-care and healthy living. She teaches her audience about mindfulness and compassion, and her videos are very helpful if you are feeling down or looking for inspiration.

Channels: MissFenderr & MissAlyanaa

Recommended video: “WHY DATING A BISEXUAL IS HARD | I Don’t Bi It"

Chase Ross

Chase is another hilarious LGBTQ+ Canadian Youtuber. He makes videos that explore lots of trans topics and issues that are unfortunately not talked about in mainstream media. Chase also created a very informative series called “Trans 101” that teaches viewers how to be a good ally.

Among other things, he also documents his own transition, discusses mental health issues, and reviews sex toys and products targeted towards trans men. Outside of Youtube, Chase also runs a podcast for trans men with Aaron Ansuini called “You’re So Brave,” and founded a collaborative Youtube channel in 2010 called “FTM Transtastic.”

Channels: uppercaseCHASE1, FTM Transtastic, & You’re So Brave

Recommended Video: “Positive Side of Being Trans??"

Marina Watanabe

Even though I have only begun to watch Marina’s channel very recently, I am already in love with her content. She puts her Women’s Studies major to good use every Friday, when she hosts an intersectional series on her channel called “Feminist Fridays.” She often makes videos where she discusses LGBTQ+ issues and her own bisexuality, as well as other social justice issues, such as racism and ableism. Not only does Marina make amazing Youtube content, but she is also the Social Media Coordinator for Everyday Feminism.

Channel: marinashutup

Recommended Video: “TV Shows That Made Me Realize I’m Bi”

Ash Hardell

Ash was one of the first LGBTQ+ Youtubers I ever watched. When I was still in the closet and struggling with my identity, they helped me realize that “bisexual” was not a dirty word, but a label to wear with pride. Just like the other Youtubers I’ve mentioned, Ash makes a lot of videos exploring sexuality and gender, but they have a very unique and artistic flair to their videos. They also wrote a book called The ABC’s of LGBT+ defining terms and tackling different queer subjects.  

Channels: Ash Hardell & OneTakeAsh

Recommended video: “I’m Trans."

These creators are only a small sample of what Youtube has to offer. LGBTQ+ people have carved a space out for themselves at Youtube, but now it’s particularly important to support queer Youtubers, as their videos are being demonetized, and companies are pulling ads from their content. Help support LGBTQ+ Youtubers by checking out some of these awesome content creators!