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Feeling insecure about your baking abilities? Well, there is a new show on Netflix that ought to build your confidence, or at least give you a laugh. It is called Nailed It and features amateur bakers trying to recreate baking dishes for $10,000. The show basically features all the Pinterest and tasty images we have fallen in love with but know we could never replicate. As someone who has attempted said recipes in the past, I think the show looks super entertaining. It is being called an “anti-baking show” when paired with other competition favorites such as Cupcake Wars.

In each episode, three bakers try to recreate show worthy “edible masterpieces.” While all the bakers may fall short of their goal, the baker with the best end creation will be rewarded the cash prize at the end of the episode. The show is hosted by comedian Nicole Byer and pastry chef, Jacques Torres.

And better yet…IT’S ON NETFLIX! That’s right you can binge it right now if you want! Take a look below to see what is in store for this baking extravaganza.

Here are some of the hilarious results:






If I still have your attention, then watch the trailer below:



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