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Guys this is not a drill Kim Possible is coming back to Disney! It was announced Wednesday that the lovable heroine will make a debut in a live-action spin off of the original series. Casting has officially begun to fill the favorite character’s roles which will not be easy shoes to fill. There is no news on when the movie will be completed but I am definitely hyped about the news. Kim Possible was one of my favorite shows and I always looked up to her character. I even wore an outfit just like hers to school.

For those of you who have not heard about the show I am personally offended but alas let me enlighten you. Kim Possible is a high schooler on the cheerleading team who lives a secret life: she saves the world from supervillains. Her taco-loving best friend Ron Stoppable’s pet rufus and her techno wiz Wade help her complete super missions in her free time and she kinda rocks it. What villains could possibly trouble this teenage girl? Her arch nemesis is none other than Dr. Drakken and his partner in crime (literally) Shego. There is also Monkey Fist, Professor Dementor, Señor Senior Sr. and Jr. and Duff Killigan to name a few. A lot of names I know.

Here are some pictures to refresh your memory of the main characters:

Kim Possible: “What’s the sitch?”

Kim’s Family

Her family is kind of awesome. Kim’s mom (Ann Possible) is a skilled neurosurgeon, her dad (James Possible) is a genius scientist and her twin brothers (Jim and Tim aka Tweebs) are quite smart and inventive for their age.


The brain’s behind the missions.

Ron Stoppable

A.K.A her best friend who often messes up her missions.



Kim’s cheer friend originally played by Raven Symone.

Dr. Drakken

He gets an ‘A’ for effort.


Often the mastermind behind Dr. Drakken’s plans.

Monkey Fist

Señor Senior Sr. and Jr.

Like father like son.

Professor Dementor

Duff Killigan

An avid golfer.

It will be hard to cast such a colorful cast…especially our hairless fellow Rufus. But lets hope disney doesn’t disappoint…in the meantime NETFLIX do me a solid and put the series up already!


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