Totally Non-Basic Pumpkin Desserts to Satisfy Your Basic-Self’s Cravings

What better time to start planning your Thanksgiving cooking than when you should be finishing an assignment or cramming?

If you have access to a kitchen or anything of the like this Thanksgiving (especially if you're stuck on campus), here are five delicious dessert recipes you should consider (including options for the culinary-impaired) making! Most of the portions for these are small enough to leave space for two or more desserts; the more the merrier.

1. Pumpkin Cannoli


Not your typical pumpkin pie, but still easy to make! Impress your relatives this Thanksgiving with your cooking skills (or alternatively, enjoy your cannolis alone while binge-watching your favorite TV show).


2. Yet Another Pumpkin Pie


Pumpkin pie IS inherently basic, but hear me out, this pie is pretty great. It’s (1) vegan, (2) gluten free, and (3) BAKE FREE! Growing up, we never had an oven at home so I felt pretty left out of the whole experience of baking cookies and cupcakes, but those times have come to an end, now that actual chefs / angels have blessed us with no-bake desserts. So go ahead, record your friends’ reactions when they find out you didn’t have to turn on a single oven to make this pie.


3. Pumpkin Pie Chocolate Truffles


Chocolate. No-bake. Enough said.


4. Pecan Pumpkin Cheesecake Bars


This one somehow manages to combine two of (objectively) the best Thanksgiving flavors, plus cheesecake. Try not to eat it all by yourself, but it is fine if you do, no one can blame you.


5. Chocolate-filled Pumpkins


I think I’m in love.

Do let us know if you try any of these, and good luck as you get through the last few weeks before break. May your classes continue to inspire you, and may your all-nighters be kept to a minimum!