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Tips for Surviving the Post-Thanksgiving Quarantine

In the spirit of Yale’s post-Thanksgiving quarantine, here are a few tips to stay sane in the midst of staying home and staying safe. 

Be patient with yourself

For many of us, this marks the first time being home after months of being on campus around friends and faculty. It can be hard to readjust and even more difficult when we realize that we are not assimilating to our new environments as quickly as we feel we should. Take this time to give yourself kindness and recognize that this is a new experience that likely won’t feel great right away.


If you are like me or the thousands of other people in the world, you likely got into a few tiffs here or there with your loved ones while quarantining at the beginning of the year. Now is the time to make your apologies (or half-assed “I guess I could have been nicer”) and get ready for a new round of baking bread and spraying everything with Lysol.

Feel free to cry

Seriously, it’s okay. 


As the CDC has already warned, the travel for Thanksgiving will likely show a huge surge in cases. Though most of us know, it’s always good to remind ourselves of the necessity of wearing our masks and distancing ourselves in public. 

Ask for help

As Yale students, it’s pretty easy to get caught up in the idea of self-sufficiency and success. However, in times like these, it’s important to remind ourselves it’s okay to reach out for help when we need it. Consider asking for Dean’s Excuses or accommodations if things get to be too much. 

Cry again

Once again, seriously. These hard times and if you need to lie on the couch and cry hysterically while eating your third loaf of bread, let yourself. 

Chloe is a Senior majoring in Political Science with a concentration in race, law, and human rights at Yale University. When she is not writing for HerCampus, she can be found doing yoga, drinking tea, and napping...a lot.
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