Donut Crazy Donuts Ranked

It is no secret that I am absolutely crazy for donut crazy. If you forgot why, check out my last article. So, when my mom came to visit me over fall break, I forced her to come to Donut Crazy with me a couple (hundred) times. After disagreeing over what our favorite donuts were, she and I decided to partake in a "donut tasting" with a bunch of my friends. So, we bought literally 20 different donuts and sampled them all. So what was the best? Here are our findings:

#6: Birthday Cake


You can never go wrong with the basics. The icing is fluffy, the cake is moist, and it's covered in sprinkles. Who doesn't love sprinkles?


#5: Black Hawk


The ideal donut for a chocolate lover like myself. Trust me, as much as you want to think it's "too much," it's not too much. 


#4: Moose Munch


Ever had Moose Tracks ice cream? I know the answer to that is yes, because it is objectively the best flavor offered in the dining halls. Covered with vanilla frosting topped with Reese’s peanut butter cups, butterfinger, Reese’s pieces, salted peanuts, and drizzled with caramel and fudge, this one is a Reese's lover's dream. It's new-ish, so if you haven't tried it yet, go get yourself one right now. 


#3: Maple Bacon


Ugh, I'm drooling again. It's like your entire breakfast put into a donut. Doesn't sound appealing? Wrong. You have to go try it.


#2: Kookie Monster


It's a donut. And a cookie. What else do you want from me?


#1: Fudgie Pudgie


A fan favorite! See, my personal favorite is the classic red velvet. But the group decided that the red velvet alone is too boring. Therefore, we decided that adding some icing and brownie chunks on top was the solution. This one is very rich, so you better grab a class of milk to help you put this one down.


So, go run to Donut Crazy, grab one of these donuts (or all of them), and thank me later. XOXO!