5 Reasons To Be Crazy for Donut Crazy

If you know me,  you know I am obsessed with Donut Crazy. And if you're asking yourself whether or not I am writing this article in Donut Crazy while drinking a medium light roast coffee and eating a blueberry glazed donut, the answer is yes, I am. Shocker? Not at all.

Donut Crazy is not just my favorite place to get a caffeine boost or a sugar high, but it's also my home on campus. The manager Jessica is my best friend at this point. Sometimes the owner will swing by and bring me as many free donuts as my heart desires. It is where I write poems when I am feeling emotional. It is my favorite date spot with my boyfriend. And, most importantly, it is where the Her Campus Yale team meets on Sundays (come out at 4pm if you're trying to join us *subtle plug*).

So why should you be as crazy for Donut Crazy as I am? 5 reasons. And no, this isn't a sponsored post. I am literally just this obsessed. 

1. It has the cheapest breakfast sandwich on campus.

If you're trying to feel like a big baller, opt for Donut Crazy instead of Gheav. The bacon, egg, and cheese is already cheaper plus you get a 15% discount for being a student. 

2. The donuts are next level delicious.

That's right. They're actually amazing. If you like old fashioned donuts, this is your dream come true. I recommend the blueberry glazed, the red velvet, or the birthday cake. And if   you're feeling like you want even more sugar in your life, go for the chocolate peanut butter cup...it's a Reese's in donut form. It's insane.


3. The coffee is so much cheaper (and honestly better) than blue state.

If you're like me and you drink your coffee with lots of cream and/or sugar, Donut Crazy hooks you up. They also do all of the staple hot beverages: lattes, cappuccinos, chai, hot chocolate, etc. Also, it's way cheaper than Blue State because of that student discount. 10/10 recommend, folks.

4. It's an awesome place to study.

If you hate the aggressive silence of Sterling and are more of a coffee shop worker, I recommend Donut Crazy. It's way less crowded than Blue State or Maison Mathis, and it plays really good music 24/7. Plus, you have constant access to donuts. What else do you want? 

5. The staff is so friendly.

Like I said earlier, the Donut Crazy staff and I are tight. But it's not just me that they're tight with. They know everyone. And if you come enough, they'll know your coffee order by heart. There used to be a guy named Chris who worked there who would talk to me about my boy problems from behind the counter. If that's not friendship, I don't know what is.