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Xavier Dorms as Taylor Swift Songs

Justice Hall-Style

Whether this dorm is called Justice or Fenwick, it never goes out of style for sophomores and athletes! You might even get to see a basketball player with “some other girl” while you’re here.

Brockman Hall- You Need to Calm Down

The fire alarms in this dorm really need to calm down. Like damn, it’s 7 am! All of the vape addicts really need to stop setting it off.

The village apartments-Exile

If you live in this dorm you might as well be in exile. You’re so far away from everything that I’m not sure you should be considered on campus living.

the commons apartments- welcome to new york

You move into this dorm looking for a fresh start from your tumultuous underclassman years. This dorm is a little dirty and a little too bright (from the yellow paint on the walls). Nevertheless, you embrace its shortcomings because it’s still a new start.

Husman/ Kuhlman Hall- A place in this world

You move into either of these dorms as a young and naive freshman. You’re alone and on your own for the first time and it’s challenging to find your place here at Xavier.

Buenger hall-the Lakes

You live here because you’re an honors student and think that you are better than everyone else. You use fancy words that nobody understands like “calamitous” and “insurmountable”.

University Apartments/Manor House- I forgot that you existed

I seriously almost forgot these dorms existed. Does anyone even live here?

Megan is a history major, with a minor in Professional Education. She is from Aurora, Illinois but hates the cold weather of the north. She loves music, especially Taylor Swift who she has also met. She often spends too much time watching Netflix and eating cookies.
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