A Stressful Week as Told by Rick and Morty



We’ve all had those weeks that just feel like it will never end, where your plate is overflowing with work and commitments.


When the week starts and you have five big assignments due and you’re like:


And then thirty minutes later you’re just like: ​


Or when you’ve been working on an assignment/paper for an hour and can’t seem to understand any of it:


But finally, you pull yourself together and GET IT DONE:


Then when you’re studying the night before that big test and you’re not sure you’ll make it:


And when you walk into class for that big test/presentation and you’re just like:


And when you put your everything into that one paper/presentation/test and the most your professor will give you is:


But you know what the best thing about those weeks is? Sooner or later, it will end!