Looking for an internship? Remember these tips

Internships are considered a necessity nowadays. They allow you to dip your toe into what the future holds, in terms of a career, and learn about what you may, or may not, like to do once you enter the workforce. Boosting your resume (and hopefully your bank account), internships are a great experience that can allow you to gain some knowledge and some connection.


However, there are other bonuses you can receive from an internship that we don’t always think about, or might be willing to sacrifice. Remember these when looking at internships:


Compensation is important.

The joke is that interns are always underpaid and overworked. Although getting that experience on your resume is impressive, being compensated for you work is just as important. You shouldn’t be working 20 hours a week on top of classes without being paid. Unless you know this internship will turn into the best paying job when you graduate, you deserve better. Don’t sell yourself short. 


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If your employer is benefiting from your work, then they should be paying you. Consider checking out Glassdoor to see what other interns at that company have been paid. But, if you are considering an unpaid internship, look at your finances and schedule to seriously consider whether you can afford it. Still really want that internship, but can’t afford it? Try talking to the Hiring Manager and explaining your situation. The worst that can happen is hearing a no.


Go for that course credit.

Internships can double as an elective credit! After all, internships are supposed to be about learning new things and implementing them, especially in you desired field of work. This is all the better when you’re being paid at your internship. It’s basically like getting paid for ‘going to class.’ 


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Ask your advisor about receiving credit for an internship. In the College of Business? Make sure to attend an Internship for Credit Info Session. 


Have an open mind. 


There might be an internship at your dream company, and you should definitely apply for it, but don’t put all your eggs in that basket. Internships are competitive, especially at big name companies. Make sure to have a few back ups. Obviously, you should still set boundaries for what circumstances are the most favorable for you, but don’t rule out an internship in your preferred field because of the company itself. Sure, you might not be interested in going into marketing for a grocery store, but you might learn that you really enjoy services marketing, when you always planned for product marketing. Internships provide you with a chance to learn about companies, industries, and yourself. 

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