To The Girl Who Questions Her Self Worth

To the girls that question their self worth:

Do you look in the mirror and wish your body parts were different sizes? Or think that a guy won’t accept you because of your half grown arm and leg hair that haven’t been shaven in two days?

Do you question your booty heels because “they aren’t your best shoes,” or your motto feminist t-shirt because you know, you’re fighting too much for your basic human rights?

Do you question the little crinkle in your eye that you make in pictures, because you can’t help the lack of sleep you got from doing the thousands of things you do each day?

Do you question the cupcake you eat because you will see your loved one soon and don’t want to appear too big?

Do you question whether to wear your hair in curls or straight, because you don’t know what they’ll find sexy that day? Do you question the outfit you’re wearing, because you don't know if it’s showing enough cleavage that they’ll still want to undress you after dinner?

Do you question your intelligence when they challenge your values because they don’t align with yours? Do you question yourself, your beauty, because someone isn’t happy with the trophy they have in front of them?

I did. And now I’m telling you, don’t. Don’t ever question your self worth, because you my darling, are priceless.