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Gilmore Girls Pop-Up Luke’s Diner-Cincinnati

For any of you Gilmore Girls fans out there you know that Netflix is producing a revival of the show that comes out November 25.  *cue excited freak out* It’s been 16 years since the first episode of Gilmore Girls aired and Netflix decided to celebrate in honor of the “Gilmoreversary” and the revival by sponsoring coffee shops in every state across the country.  They even bought the first 250 cups of coffee for each shop! Each location went full out for the event including Luke’s coffee cup sleeves,Luke Diner aprons for the employees the famous Luke’s sign hanging outside.

One of these sponsored shops was right here in Cincinnati so a couple of my friends and I made it a mission to go.

October 5 – Gilmore Girls Game day

5:00am my alarm went off.  Like Lorelai I am not a morning person, so this was the hardest part of my morning.

5:15 I finally got out of bed and was beyond excited for this adventure.

5:45 my friends and I piled into the car and took off to The 86 Coffee Bar on Vine street about 10 minutes drive from campus.

6:00 we got in line waiting behind about 10 other people (the first girl in line got there at 3:30am!!)

6:05-7:00 we were all buzzing with excitement. Singing the theme song from the show, debating which characters from the show we liked and way we wished the show had turned out. There were two news outlets there filming and we even got on TV!

7:01 we finally got in and The 86 Coffee Bar is gorgeous! There was a ton of space for everyone there. The employees were greeting us with their Luke’s aprons on. One of the male employees dressed as Luke and was acting the part by yelling at us about jam hands.

7:06 we got our Luke’s coffee and a reporter asked if she could interview two of my friends. She asked about the show, what they thought of the event, and how excited they were about the revival.

7:30 we went to the outdoor patio as the sun was rising and *had* to take pictures with our coffees. We hung out and chatted a little while enjoying the ambience.

7:36 we realized what time it was and remembered that some of us had 8am classes. So we headed back to the cars to try to get back to campus on time.

7:45 we made it back to campus (with time to spare) still enjoying the amazing coffee and the crazy event that just happened.

7:51 those of us who didn’t have an 8am enjoyed breakfast in the caf, still discussing the show and what we think will happen on the revival.

8:15 we all got back to our rooms planning on taking a nap or finishing homework that was due later that day.

I cannot believe that I did all of this before 8:30 in the morning! It was such a fun morning and Netflix gets major props for how awesome it was. I am officially counting down the days until the revival comes out November 25th. 

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Sara is a Sophomore Public Relations major with a double minor in Political Communications and Business at Xavier University. She is also involved with an acapella group, Acabellas, and the Center for Faith and Justice on campus. She loves all dogs, dark chocolate, and inspirational quotes. 
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