10 Reasons You Should Join Her Campus!

I have only been a member of Her Campus for one semester and I can honestly tell you it was one of the best decisions I’ve made since I’ve came to Xavier. Seem a little dramatic? No, like I’m serious. It’s so great to have such great people surrounding you, even if it’s only once a week. I get to show my creative side, even if it’s not much. SO MANY EMPOWERED WOMEN IT’S GREAT! Here are 10 reasons why YOU should join Her Campus.

1. Share your stories

Her Campus gives you a great creative outlet. Even if you think you’re a terrible writer, that’s okay! They’re not going to turn your article away. It will get posted. Plus, that’s what editors are for. AND, we have other opportunities. For example: marketing and community events teams. There are so many options that you’re sure to find a great spot (We also have boys, so guys, don’t shy away).

2. Procrastinate your work!

I do this ALL THE TIME. Don’t want to write your english essay? Don’t want to study accounting? Write an article about The Office!

3. Work with some GREAT women.

I love all of the girls that I work with. They listen to your venting, your stories, your nagging. They also all have such unique stories and ideas that you’ll always want to hear more.

4. Build your resume

Her Campus looks great on resumes. You either have a bunch of writing under your belt or you have some marketing experience or you learned some great teamwork skills. No matter what it is you get from Her Campus, you will something fantastic to put on your resume if you need a boost.

5. Freebies and giveaways

Most recently I left with 2 new shirts, krazy glue, sunscreen, shave cream, razors, 4 lipsticks, cooling eye gel, and a face mask. Ok!! This isn’t an every week thing, but I’m just saying that you do get some freebies. There are also some really cool giveaways in the year that you can compete for! We’re in college so don’t tell me you don’t like free stuff.

6. Building confidence in your work

When I first joined Her Campus I was nervous that my writing wasn’t going to be up to par but honestly, no one cares. Everyone loves your ideas and supports you all the way. Plus, you don’t have to be good at writing if you just put a bunch of gifs on a page.

7. Meet new people

This is the best part! I was having a hard time with the friends situation after a tough freshman year but coming into this space once a week is something that I really cherish. I appreciate all the time that I spend with all of my girls (and guys… Juice). It’s no doubt the best part of joining the group. But isn’t it always the best part of joining any group?

8. Not a big time commitment

My Her Campus group joins once a week in the evening with some additional events here and there. It’s really not a huge time commitment. Trust me, you can do it. Turn of Netflix for 30 minutes, it’ll be worth it.

9. Networking possibilities

There are so many Her Campus alumni that you have so many people you can network with. Applying for a new job at Insight Global? Great! Account Manager Rachel Lolli is an Alumni of Her Campus at the University of Kentucky! That is ONE example. Get on LinkedIn, type in Her Campus, the list goes on. Start networking people!!

10. Campus Profiles

These are great simple articles that you write about your peers. The perk about this? You get to meet and learn so much about your classmates and the people around you.