What Shade Will Your Wear?

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Winter Quarter has come to an end, meaning its time to trade your plum lipstick and black eyeliner for a fresh spring look.  With items from your Spring Break Survival Kit, you can treat yourself to the makeover you crave, and prepare yourself for plenty of selfies at Boulevard Park and the Arb.


Get Glowy, with L'oréal self-tanning lotion and toweletts

Just because you live in Bellingham with minimal sunlight throughout the winter doesn't mean you can't be glowy and bronzed for spring! Use L'oréal Sublime Bronze wipes and self-tanning lotion to get sun-kissed without having to worry about the risks associated with tanning beds!

Stay Fresh and Clean!

Not only is washing your hair every day a hassle, but it can also be damaging to your hair!  Psssst! Dry Shampoo will help you preserve your look for another day while making your hair smell fresh, like you just washed it.  Don't worry, we'll keep your secret!

Pick the Perfect Shade

Hot Lips matte lipsticks come in amazing shades, like Electric Poppy, Miranda May, and Kim K.W.  Not only are these super-flattering on every skintone, but they are super-pigmented, meaning you get that bright pop of color thats oh-so-perfect for spring.


Whatever look you choose, you'll be able to find the perfect shade with all the options from L'oréal and Hot Lips, so get out there and rock your spring look!