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Meet Janelle Talley!

Janelle Talley is a real inspiration. After spending a just a short quarter with her here at Western I’ve learned so much about her, and her persistence to pursue and education is a story that should be heard by many. I’m glad I have the priviledge to know her, and I’m truly finding motivation within her strength determination.



“My wonderful group of friends I have made at Western. Freshman year, Fall Quarter 2014 at Boulevard Park.”


Her Academic Life:

1) What difficulties have you faced in pursuing an education at Western? What inspired you to keep pushing on with it?

        Battling through chronic dysthymia (long term mild depression) has sometimes made it hard to stay have energy to complete task or even go to classes sometimes. I have also had a rocky start with my family so that made navigating college very hard, but I have been blessed with a group of friends in college that have inspired me to keep on going.


2) Why did you choose Western?

        I chose Western because to me it was a bigger version of my High School in Tacoma. When I first started thinking about college I wanted to be a teacher and or a therapist, two programs that are National Recognized Western.


3) What are you planning on studying/majoring in?

        I plan on becoming a Human Services major and minoring in Psychology.


4) What would you like to be after you graduate? (Open to interpretation, doesn’t necessarily mean career-path wise)

        After graduation, I hope to settle down, having a place of my own and getting a job, either in Bellingham or go back to Tacoma. I plan to save up money, pay of loans before starting Graduate school to get my Master’s in Social Work (MSW) and go on to help mental ill children and adolescence battle their illness.


“Play put on by Western called: Twisted in Old Main Theater, March 2016”



The Fun Stuff!

1) What music do you like listening to?

        I’m no picky about my music, I listen to a lot of Punk Pop or Punk Rock, artist like All Time Low, One Ok Rock, Green Day, Blink-182 and Bring me to the Horizon are just some to name. I also listen to Korean Pop (since middle school) and some pop, hip hop and Rap. I also enjoy once in awhile old school music, like Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, Tupac, AC/DC and Selena.


2) Who is your inspiration?

        I would say my inspiration isn’t just one person but a plethora of people. I find inspiration in people’s stories and I find inspiration through music. So I can’t really label one person as my inspiration because I find inspiration in many things.


3) What/Who is your spirit animal?

        My spirit is a Latrice Royal, who is a drag queen. She is someone that I can find motivation from. It’s an inspiration to see someone turn their life around from something negative and turn it into a positive, which is how I try to live my life, and I remember the 5 G’s from her which is “Good God Getta Grip Girl!” and also the philosophy that if you mess up, that’s okay just get back up and make them “Eat It”. Which to me means that doubt that someone gives you because you failed make them regret saying it.


4) What is your favorite thing to do in your downtime?

        In my downtime (when I have it) I like to read, mostly historical fiction or books about time periods or people that I like. I’m currently reading about the Borgia Pope and the bloodline of the Tudors and the division between England between the Tudors and Lancaster’s. I also read mystery novels and love Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. (But who doesn’t?)


5) Are you involved in any extracurricular? Hobbies? etc?

        A hobby I have is to write. I think it’s a great outlet and just a good way to lower anxiety and sometimes it helps lower my depression. I am in the process of writing a book, or five… I’ve been really bad at continuing them, so I have taken up just writing scenes when they strike me and then figuring out if they can go anywhere in a current book.


6) What is your favorite quality about yourself?

        My favorite quality about myself is my determination. My determination to have a better life has gotten me through some tough times, so I am glad that I have developed such a resilience in my life.


7) If you could have a superpower what would it be?

        I would want to have the superpower to time travel (if that is considered a superpower). I love history and the aspects of prehistory and the 15th century. I would also love to record the culture of Chamorro’s (People from Guam, where I was born) since we lost some of our culture when the Spanish colonized us.


8) Who is your celebrity crush and why?

        Oh I have so many! My favorite celebrity crush is Jack Barakat from All Time Low. I really don’t have a reason why there’s just something about him that is crush worthy!

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