How To Destress After Finals

1.  Sell your books back

After the quater is over you're never going to need those clunky textbooks ever again.  The Western Bookstore has a way that you can sell those books back and make a solid amount of cash back.  

2. Go for a run... or walk!

Getting some exercise has always been a good way to take out some of your stress so this year why not do that while giving back.  On December 12th, the Saturday after finals are over, the Arthritis Foundation is hosting the Jingle Bell Run/Walk which is a 5k that starts at Bellingham High school.  

3. Treat yo self

Retail therapy has always been know to help relieve some stress or celebrate.  Pick up some new shoes at Mi Shoes downtown or new clothes at H&M up at Bellis Fair Mall.

4. Clean out your closet

Now that you have a bunch of new clothes for the next quater, you can throw away some of your old clothes that are hogging hanger space. Even better, you can sell some of those clothes to places like Buffalo Exchange.

5. Go out with friends

Celebrate the end of the quater and the end of finals by going out with some friends to blow off some steam.  The Wild Buffalo and many other bars downtown have a great nightlife scene. 

6. Or have a night in

If the bars and parties aren't really your scene or you just want to relax the old fashion way, get a few friends and stay in.  You now have all of break to sit down and binge on all that Netflix you've been avoiding.