Best And Worst Shoes For Campus

In my past four years at WWU I have learned a lot.  Overall one of the best lessons I have learned is which shoes I should and should NEVER wear on campus ever.  Everything from the weather to the bricks on campus are unpredictable so you should come prepared.  Here are some of the best and worst shoes to wear on campus.  

First, let's start off with the best:


Every summer before the new school year, I get a new pair of sneakers because I know I will end up wearing them everyday to school.  They are quick, comfy, and easy to go with every outfit.  They aren't the best in the rain but they still hold up.



Boots are the best things own in Bellingham.  No one here uses umbrellas so it's good to invest in some good rainboots.  You know that you'll get good use out of them especially because of the downpours we get here at least once a week.  There are also a ton of cute styles of rainboots now if you're worried about these rubber shoes cramping your style.  You are garunteed to feel invincable walking through every puddle in Red Square.  



Once the weather starts to dry up a bit you will seem hoards of students wearing these sandles on campus.  They are like leather pillows for your feet and once you have worn them for a while, they mold perfectly to your foot.  


Now for the absolute worst:



Personally I have never worn high heeled shoes to school before but from what I have seen, they are a bad idea.  Western's campus is covered in lose bricks, mud, and puddles.  These shoes are a huge hazzard for sprained ankles and even worse, slow walkers.  And there is nothing worse that a slow walker on campus.  


Any Brand New Shoes

When you wear a brand new pair of shoes you risk the chance of them not fitting as well as you expected.  If you are have a long day on campus, wearing your new shoes might not being the best choice because there is always the possibility of getting blisters and being in pain all day long.  



First of all, feet in general are disgusting so why anyone thinks we all want to see theirs is beyond me.  Besides that it is just weird, it is also just as much of a hazzard as high heels are.  You run the risk of other people stepping on your feet and stepping in something dangerous.  So please, for your own safety, do not be barefoot on campus.