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10 Guys You’ll Encounter at Western

The Skateboarder

You never see The Skateboarder without a skateboard. You might start to think his skateboard is glued to his feet…that is until he hits a loose brick on campus and falls off. 

The Barefoot Bandit

You won’t realize you’re talking to The Barefoot Bandit until you look down…he has no shoes. It’s October. Isn’t the ground cold?! What if he steps on glass or some other sharp object? 

The Sleeper

In the library, on the Comm lawn, in the computer lab, on the bench, in any apparatus built for sitting…Try not to wake The Sleeper. He’s got to be constantly exhausted for some reason. 

The Lumberjack

This PNW native loves flannel, has an epic beard, and is 10x bigger than you. The Lumberjack is not to be confused with a hipster. 

The Musician

With a guitar strapped to his back, The Musician can be found on the fountain’s edge in serenading the people of Red Square by day and jamming at the Underground Coffeehouse by night. 

The Stoner

Western has a rep of being a school full of stoners—which is definitely untrue. But of course there are guys out there that fit the bill and you’re bound to have one of them in your classes.  

The Athlete

Western may not have a football team, but we definitely have some talented sports teams like soccer, lacrosse, and basketball. You’ll see the athlete in his team sweat suit running from class to practice. 

The Puppy Guy

This guy can be found in Red Square walking his puppy. Either that dog needs a lot of exercise or he realizes how much of a chick magnet his pup is. 

The Gym Bro

When he’s not in class or asleep, you’ll find the Gym Bro at the Rec Center in the Man-Quarium lifting weights. But you can’t blame him for being in the gym all the time…Wade King Rec Center is pretty awesome. 

The Backpacker

This guy looks like he’s leaving for a cross-country backpacking trip as soon as he gets out of class. The real question is…what does he hold in that thing?!


*This article is just for fun and is not meant to insult anyone or stereotype the wonderful men of WWU. 

I am a junior at Western Washington University majoring in Communication Studies and minoring in Psychology. I am a country music addict, a Seahawks fan, a lover of animals, & I enjoy travelling.
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