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Why the Expiration Date on Your Makeup is NOT a Suggestion

If you’re anything like the vast majority of college students, you are not about to drop $20 plus on a brand new tube of high-end concealer when you still have half of a perfectly good bottle sitting in your drawer. However, if it’s been more than six months or so since you first opened it, you should at the very least strongly consider it (or find a less expensive alternative)–and here’s why! 

Tamah, a professional makeup artist from The Wall Group, states in an interview with Buzzfeed Life, “Skin absorbs everything you put on it. Using expired makeup is like eating food that has turned. While it may not make you as ill, it can cause all kinds of problems, from inflammation to rashes and to allergic reactions that can be really severe.”

Anything packaged in a jar is frequently among the biggest culprit of harboring bacteria because the product comes into contact with hands time and time again as it is dispensed, and this allows toxins to collect and multiply over time while it is confined in the container. As a general guideline, mascara, face masks and most acne products expire the most quickly (many after 2-3 months). Eyeliners, foundations, and concealers should be replaced every 6 months to a year, and lipsticks, nail polishes, and many powders should be kept 2 years at the longest. However, every cosmetic product should be regarded individually, as each possesses its own expiration date, which is indicated by the “period-after-opening” symbol on the label.

So, remember to keep your health in mind when it comes time to decide when to replace your favorite products. You could potentially avoid a harmful (and extremely preventable) skin situation!

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