What Being An Adult for 4 Years Has Taught Me

When I was 9 years old I always had a wonderful dream about being an adult. I would have a job I loved, I could drive a car and I could go to bed whenever I felt like it. In my naive 9 year old mind, taking on the world would be easy but once I turned 19 the reality of the world hit me like a runaway train. The yearning I once had for becoming an adult is no longer there.


1.    You are not a child anymore. If you want something you need to get up and do it. No one will do it for you. No one can make your life happen but you.


2. people are nosey. Don’t let them in your world unless you truly want to. Most people don’t care about your situation, they just want to know the latest gossip.



3. people can be assholes no matter how nice you are to them. Most people are born hateful and will try to take your joy from you. You can't let them.


4. you can be going through so much in life at once. But always keep in the back of your head, you have to go through the bad shit in order to enjoy the good shit out of life.



5. no matter how advanced the world gets there will always be a racist person ready to throw dirt on your name.


6. this is by far the hardest pill to swallow but, no one cares about what you're going through except for you. No matter how big or small, billions of other people are going through some hardships just like you.


 7. you cannot make someone stay in your life no matter how hard you try. If they want to leave, then let them. Nothing good will come from trying to force someone to stay.


This is what my 4 years of being an adult has taught me.