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The library is open later, everyone is more stressed, and tensions are high. The struggle bus is waiting for you out front, that can only mean one thing: FINALS WEEK HAS ARRIVED.

And in the spirit of Finals, this article is filled with sweet things to reach any college students G-spot this Final’s week

1. You’re doing a great job– self-doubt is a S.O.B! Even if you don’t think you’re doing enough, YOU ARE!

2. I‘m proud of you– by far the best thing anyone could say to you. Even though you don’t think you have anything to be proud of, you absolutely do!

3. You look good today- by the looks of that over-sized hoodie you’ve been living in for the past 2 weeks and haven’t slept in a month, it’s good to know that you still look somewhat alive to people.

4. You’re perfect– everyone knows that no one’s perfect, but if someone took the time to tell you that, then it obviously means something, right? YES

5. You can do this/you got this– sometimes you need that extra shove of motivation from a friend or family member to get you through these troubling times. Keep that smart head of yours up.

If nothing can get you through Finals, this list sure can do the trick. GOOD LUCK ON FINALS!!

Hey my name is Parris and Im a writer and one of the social media directors for HerCampus at WVWC. Im currently studying in Media Studies to soon be a radio or television broadcaster. I love action movies, all music and my asshole of a cat Carder.
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