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Did You Hear the Rain?

It’s the rainy season here at Wesleyan. That means it’s time to pull out the boots and coats, and trudge to class in the midst of a downpour. But if you have to be in the rain, you should at least listen to some rainy-day music! This week’s post is all about the king of the rainy-day sound, George Ezra.

Known for his hit, “Budapest” Ezra has become quite the star in only two years. After releasing two EPs in 2013 and his debut album, Wanted on Voyage on June 30, 2014, Ezra has been a pretty busy guy. Nominated for four BRIT awards (the UK’s Grammy), he’s taking off at a rapid speed! Ezra cites Bob Dylan and Woody Guthrie as his musical influences. He has also stated that he listens to a lot of American folk and blues artists. 

Have I mentioned that he is only 22? He’s a 22-year-old guy who travels around the world writing music and singing songs. That’s the life. Born and raised in England, this Brit is definitely an artist to listen for. I watched an interview with Ezra on YouTube, where he stated that he went on an excursion across the world, and went to nearly every major city in Europe. The only city he didn’t make it to was Budapest, so he wrote “Budapest” about that.

My personal recommendation on how to really get all there is to get out of this album is to go somewhere alone, put in headphones, and play “Did You Hear the Rain?” Then, play “Barcelona.” Make sure it’s a rainy day the first time you listen to him—because it just adds to how great he really is.

Rating 5/5 


Have a listen for yourself: 

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