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Buckhannon Unsolved: Macedonia Road – Buckhannon, WV

For the first installment of Wesleyan Unsolved, I went and investigated the train bridge on Macedonia Road. According to reports, there have been many deaths that occurred beneath the bridge due to the very sharp C-curve that lies there. In addition to the curve, Macedonia Road also passes through a graveyard so it’s no wonder why locals report seeing spirits there.


The photo you see above is what sparked my interest initially. I’ve never seen a picture with so many orbs (balls of light made from spirit energy) in it at once. While skeptics may say that those are just bugs or specks of dirt on the camera lens, I suggest you go look at the second picture accompanying this one in the photo link below. You’ll see how they differ even though they’re taken in the same spot.


Going up to the curve, I admit that I was a bit creeped out. Not that I feared a ghost was going to show up but it was pretty late and I felt like I was in the middle of nowhere. The bridge itself wasn’t much to look at. It had some moss and graffiti on it, standard bridge stuff.

However, there was a vibe underneath the bridge that I definitely did not like and did not feel until I got there. It was strange and unnerving, like I was being watched. So, I started to take pictures.

Out of the many pictures I took, there were only two that had something out of the ordinary in them. Before you scroll down and see them, I want you to look at the picture above, particularly what’s inside the green circle. This is a bug that flew past my camera lens. Pay attention to how close it is, the color, and shape of it before moving on to my last two photos.


Inside the red circle, you can faintly see what looks like a column of mist or fog (despite there being no fog anywhere last night). I want to say that it is not a bug, given the distance it is away from me and the fact that it’s inside the shadowy area. If it were a bug, the distance and the shadows would prevent me from picking it up on my camera so this is something I can’t explain. For clarification purposes, I will also say that I did not see this column of mist with my own eyes. I only saw it as I was looking through the pictures later on.

This is the last picture that I took from last night. In the red circle you can see what looks like an orb. Just like the last photo, I didn’t see this with my own eyes. Based on how the other bugs looked, I can safely say that this is not a big. The shape is wrong and the color is wrong. Not to mention the fact that you can see through the orb and it is also in a shadowy area, a place where my camera couldn’t see bugs.


So what do you think? Is Macedonia road haunted? Are these pictures really spiritual manifestations? Or are they just bugs and dirt?


Stay tuned for next week’s installment of Buckhannon Unsolved!


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