Your guide to volunteering in Morgantown

Gaining experience with community service in college is a life skill that can help you excel in your career and life. College is the best time to take advantage of service opportunities because you can gain connections as well as working on networking skills yourself. Nine times out of ten, you are able to serve what interests you. Whether that would be an activity the revolves around your career or just something you find approachable, you will gain unforgettable knowledge and experience.

West Virginia University holds community service to a very high standard. Many programs require community service hours to graduate. There are also many student organizations that revolve around community service. The university decided to launch a software in 2011 called iServe. iServe is the university’s software to track, log and find community service hours and opportunities. Not only does WVU have access to iServe, but other local nonprofit organizations are able to upload causes or events that they need volunteers for.

Morgantown has well over 100 nonprofit organizations that need volunteers. Whether it is a small task or planning a major event, they need help. iServe has over 400 organizations that are registered to post opportunities as well. There is a direct need in Morgantown for volunteers. With Morgantown’s population being around 30,000, then adding another 30,000 during the school year, shows that Morgantown is a major city. There is a demand for volunteering, so why not us as the student body take charge of what we can?

Morgantown keeps the students involved and lets us take over the town for more than half of the year. If we can aid the community that helps us know the true meaning of why country roads takes us home, why don’t we take the chance to step up?

If you have not yet signed up for iServe, you can do so by going to