What I Wish They Would've Told Me

Now that I’ve reached senior status, I have decided to write about something that has played a major role in my life: college.  Everyone says it. “This is the best time of your life. Embrace it.” And you do. From pulling all-nighters to falling in love with coffee, college has become my lifestyle. Still, there a number of things I wished people would have told me before I stumbled onto campus.


Never underestimate those GEC classes. Sure, they are general electives. You fume over taking them because they do not even begin to pertain to your major. Yet, these classes still affect your grade point average. That Spanish 101 class is worth 3 credits, just like your 400 levels, and not showing up to class can equal a GPA dropper. Be careful too because they may be classes in subjects you don't get (math).

Be ready for exposure. Every body part, animal, and goth-ugly creation will find its way into your view, regardless of an invitation.



You will not always make it into the football games. Your friends will challenge your tailgating skills before they challenge your pick on who is going to win the game that day. Eat breakfast and drink water!



Even big universities are small. This is true. Somehow or someway everyone seems to be connected. You might see that dude who was drooling on his shirt at the bar in class the next morning. Disregard this. It is more normal to say hello at the bar than it is in class that morning.



Finals are your enemy and best friend. Sure, you hate staying up until 5 a.m. or perhaps pulling an all-nighter. You are delirious by the test but you’re determined to get it over with. However, this is usually about 20 percent of your grade, a potential savior after a busy tailgating season.