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So College: Lifestyles That Are Only Acceptable While Enrolled

When everyone tells you college will be the best four years of your life, they’re right. What they don’t tell you is that the way you act those four years must stop the moment you accept your diploma. 
Ordering dominos at 3 am
Skipping a full day of classes just to watch your favorite series on Netflix
Avoiding wearing jeans at all costs
 Crashing on your friends couch when you’re too lazy to walk back home
Spending more money on drinks  than anything else 
Wearing the same outfit to class on Monday and Tuesday because you know you’ll see different people
Instead of taking 3 hours a day to study you take 5 hours a day to nap
Getting up and tailgating at 7 am on game days without a care in the world  
Starting your weekend on a Wednesday 
Always making the traditional kissy face in selfies with your friends 
 Using dry shampoo when you’re too lazy to actually take a shower
Not changing your sheets for a full semester 
Using liquor bottles as house decorations 
Putting your head down anywhere and instantly falling asleep 
Submitting an assignment on the last night at 11:58 when it was assigned three weeks prior 
Eating all meals of the day in bed
I am originally from Westchester, New York. I came to WVU for my undergrad in Strategic Communications with an emphasis on Public Relations and a minor in Sports Communication. My involvment on campus includes blogging for Her Campus, a sister of Alpha Phi, the assistant director of the media team on the Mountaineer Maniacs executive board and lastly, an athletic communications intern with the WVU Athletic Communications office. I will be graduating in May of 2017 and I am looking forward to getting started with my future career in Journalism and Public Relations!
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