Rundown of dining on the Evansdale campus

It’s no secret that the food on the Evansdale campus is amazing. Evansdale Crossing is one of my favorite places to eat, even though I live on the downtown campus. If I have some extra time, I’m more than willing to make the commute and take the risk of getting stuck on the PRT to get some of this great food. After going to the Mountainlair almost every day for the first few weeks, the meals on Evansdale are a refreshing change of pace. Every vendor in the Crossing can be bought with a meal swipe, which is definitely a bonus. On another note, the lines for restaurants at the Crossing are way shorter than the lines at the Mountainlair (Chick Fil A, I’m talking about you) which is convenient for a quick break in between classes.


Taziki’s is the only place available on both the downtown and Evansdale campuses of WVU. It’s very healthy and refreshing. My favorite thing to get here is the chicken salad. It’s full of fresh veggies and warm grilled chicken and comes with delicious dressing. There are no side options here; one meal swipe is good for a drink and sandwich/salad combo. If you have a few extra dining dollars to spare, I recommend getting the soft pita chips and hummus platter. This appetizer is huge and can be saved for a snack several days in a row. Whether you’re downtown or on Evansdale, Taziki’s is a great spot for a healthy and filling meal… and can help you avoid the freshman 15!

Waldo’s Chicken

Waldo’s serves delicious “comfort food.” When I went here, I ordered the fried chicken tenders and a side of mac and cheese. They also serve items like fried chicken sandwiches and loaded mac and cheese. I was really excited to have the mac and cheese, because I’ve been living off of Kraft easy-mac in the dorms. It was really creamy and satisfied my craving. The fried chicken was very flavorful. Overall, I was very impressed with my meal and I definitely recommend it.

Hugh Baby’s

Hugh Baby’s is my favorite burger spot on campus and is comparable to Tailpipes, (but way cheaper!) One meal swipe at Hugh Baby’s is worth one burger, fries and a drink. A few extra dining dollars can get you a super-rich milkshake, which might be unnecessary after finishing your very filling meal. One of my favorite things about Hugh Baby’s is that they offer a vegetarian burger- and it’s delicious! They also offer many different specialty burgers, if you’re brave enough to try. Expect the line for Hugh Baby’s to be long at all times… but it’s worth the wait!

Let’s Go Tacos

Let’s Go Tacos is a good spot for when you’re in a time crunch and have a craving for Mexican food. I ordered the chicken tacos, and they were great. A meal swipe will get you one main dish, a drink and a side of chips and salsa/guac/queso. The chips and salsa were disappointing, but I had high expectations. I ate both tacos and was still hungry afterwards (they were pretty small tacos). Honestly, Let’s Go Tacos is a better snack or quick bite than a whole meal. However, the staff was very friendly and the food was served quickly.

I Love Juice Bar

The first thing that I noticed about the juice bar is the sky-high prices. A small smoothie costs $10- and a large is $12! To me, these prices are ridiculous. However, a meal swipe can be used to pay for a small ($2 in dining dollars can be used to cover the large). Here, I tried the strawberry banana smoothie. It was decent, but was honestly disappointing. If you aren’t currently on a meal plan, I advise you to save your money for something better than a $10 smoothie. However, the place has a cute atmosphere and friendly employees. Overall, the I Love Juice Bar is overrated, but feel free to try it out for yourself. The beautiful view of the top floor makes up for what the smoothies are lacking.

Panini Pete’s

Panini Pete’s is my favorite dining spot on Evansdale (it rivals Which-Wich). One meal swipe gets you a drink (soda or coffee), a sandwich or salad, and side dish (choose from tater tots, chips, fruit or salad). I tried out the turkey ranch club panini with a side of tater tots, and I absolutely loved it. They also have grilled cheese, caprese paninis, and a variety of options all served on thick Texas toast. One half of a sandwich is more than enough for one meal, so I took the other half home for lunch the next day (bonus!) The downside to Panini Pete’s is the wait time. I was the only person in line, and it still took about 15 minutes for my sandwich to be ready. This might not be a good place to go if you’re in a time crunch, but I definitely recommend trying this spot out.

Café Evansdale (Towers)

I went to Café Evansdale for breakfast, and it was decent food for a dining hall. Their omelettes were pretty good, and they also served pancakes and sausage. For lunch time, they operate on a buffet style. Pizza, burgers and deli sandwiches are served. The food here tasted like typical dining hall food, not too impressive, but not terrible either. The best thing about Café Evansdale is that you can really get your bang for your buck. Give up one meal swipe, and you can have unlimited refills and servings.