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Romanticize Your Life By Falling In Love With Yourself This Winter

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At one point, I’m sure we were all guilty of spending hours on Pinterest falling into the desired reality we wish to claim our own. Instead of chasing something, it is important to embody and explore what you have now. Romanticizing your life has been a TikTok trend for some time now, and I’m all for it! There are endless videos showing how we can love and be grateful for even the smallest things. There is no reason that you can’t be in love with waking up to your life every day. Stop wasting time and start romanticizing your life! 

“Acting like you are the hottest, smartest, most badass bitch on campus does not hurt a soul and totally fuels your fire. No one’s opinion but yours matters at the end of the day, so you should always hold extremely high opinions of yourself and your life. It may feel silly at first, but telling yourself that you’re the best will eventually become your own reality–and what a blissful reality that will be.”

A big misconception is that you have to be in a relationship to experience love— which is not true at all. You don’t need someone to buy you those pretty flowers at the local market. Instead, YOU go buy them and take YOURSELF on a date. The most important thing that seems to be overlooked is learning how to love yourself. Invest time in yourself; I promise it’s not selfish. Try doing things alone and get comfortable with who you are. If you want to see the beauty in the world, start by seeing it within yourself. I encourage you to adventure out and do things one-on-one with yourself. It’s so important to do things alone; it’s a way to self-observe and get comfortable with YOU. This can be scary for some. Simple things like going on a walk or even putting your phone away can be encouraging! Always take things at your own pace. 

“Those who embrace solitude are able to get into a “state of engagement with themselves, to self-reflect, regenerate and discover.”

Get back in touch with your favorite hobbies, and maybe even pick up some new ones. Visit the nearest museum, read any book you can get your hands on, sit down and learn to play an instrument or tune into your artistic abilities. Keep your creativity flowing and get out of your comfort zone. Sometimes you have to dance like no one’s watching. You can be that person. Whatever art you get into will soon inspire your days to come. 

One way that I romanticize my life is by taking pictures whenever I can. You might surprise yourself if you start documenting your daily life. This can begin to show how easy it is to take for granted the simple things we adore. It’s a good refresher to not take things so seriously and to be in the moment. 

Something that encourages me to have a positive outlook is using a private Instagram account. No need to follow anyone or be caught up on numbers and engagement. Post what you want and whatever you want for yourself. Looking back at this reminds me of how beautiful my life is and how I’m only doing this for myself. In today’s world, it is easy to focus on what we don’t have instead of what we already have. 

By picking up some of these habits, every day can be a special day! Make your life what you want it to be. Now, go buy yourself that iced coffee and live your real-life fantasy.  

Alyssa is a freshman at West Virginia University. She is currently majoring in Elementary Education. She's either spending time with her cat or exploring new art!
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