Profile on Maggie Robertson, a host of Beyond the Binary on U92

HC: Introduce yourself (full name, age, year in school?)

MR: I’m Maggie Robertson, 19, and currently a sophomore


HC: What is your major?

MR: I’m an English major but trying to double in English and theater.


HC: What do you hope to do with your degree after graduation?

MR: After graduation I plan on getting my MFA in creative writing and then go on to be a writer or do something with publishing.


HC: How did you start working at the radio?

MR: I actually listened to U92 a lot in high school so when I started my freshman year here I went in and got an application and now I’m currently a DJ for them.


HC: What inspired you to start work on this specific show?

MR: While working at the station I found out about the specialty shows here and when I found out we had a LGBT+ show I decided to join because it’s kind of rare for there to be an LGBT+ show and I wanted to show my support and help out with this show.


HC: What is Beyond the Binary?

MR: Beyond the Binary is pretty much a LGBT show for LGBT kids so to speak. This show is an hour of any kind of music made by an LGBT artist or even a band with an LGBT member.


HC: What is your role on the show?

MR: My role is to pretty much go on and play as much LGBT music as I can within an hour.


HC: What do you hope to accomplish with this program?

MR: What I hope to accomplish with this program is to let people listen to some music and for those who are a part of the LGBT+ community to be able to listen to some music and know that there’s people out there who makes music and are apart of the LGBT+ community.


HC: Is there any advice you could give to readers wanting to get involved with the radio station next year?

MR: My advice to those who want to join is to go for it and know that the whole staff is so welcoming and great to be with. Also, always be yourself on or off radio, being yourself is what makes U92 great.