Online, On Trend, On Budget: How Online Shopping is Taking Over the Market

Amazon. Ebay. Craigslist. Poshmark. Shein. Redbubble. These are just some of the 100+ online stores that are accessible through our phones and computers. Online shopping has become the next biggest thing–and we all love it. The thought of scrolling through our favorite stores in our pajamas and catching those amazing online sales can never get any better. I would love to do nothing but sit in my pajamas, drinking tea and looking at the latest forever 21 sales.

Now that summer is approaching, most of us are getting ready to shop for the cutest bathing suits and summer clothes to up our wardrobe. But there is a downside to online shopping: spending too much money. As college students, we resort to buying our clothes online since it is the most accessible way to do so. However, online shopping makes it so easy to spend our money regardless if there are sales and coupons.

I was taught how to save money at a young age when going anywhere with my mom. She would bring stacks upon stacks of coupons to the grocery store, retail stores and even found the best deals while shopping online. From couponing to rewards programs, these are just a few of the beneficial ways to save money while shopping online.


1. Sign up for coupon sites.

This is probably the most convenient way to save money while online shopping, as there are various different sites/applications to use for this occasion. These sites can give you the latest deals on some stores and some promo codes to use. Some sites to check out are Groupon, Coupons or Honey (an extension to use when shopping), to name a few. With these websites, generating a promo code will make your bank account very happy. A suggested app to use is Unidays, designed specifically for college students.

2. Score big deals.

On some applications, such as Poshmark and Mercari, you can purchase clothes for a pretty good deal. Most users usually offer a price that is between 20-60 percent off the original price. As a potential buyer, you can offer a lower deal from the original one. You could offer $10 for a cute shirt that is usually sold for $40. The seller has to accept it, though, but you can usually score a good deal if they are trying to give it away quickly. Plus, most clothes are super cute and in season, and they even offer designer/luxury brands at a good price!

3. Sign up for rewards programs.

Most cashiers at retail stores are always asking if you want to sign up for their rewards program, get points, etc. This can actually become pretty helpful when shopping online. It can be a slow process to rack up points or unlock special deals if you are someone who does not shop online very often. But, signing up for a rewards program can help you save money and unlock special deals when you get enough points or have enough things in your shopping cart! An article by The Krazy Coupon Lady gives you some good rewards programs that you can look at.

4. Pay attention to shopping holidays. 

The best time of the year. Days such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday can be amazing for deals, but can also be a hassle. You obviously don’t want to be waiting online for hours or having your computer crash when securing that cute pair of shoes. There are always seasonal deals most retail stores have, depending on the month. This also can include holiday deals, Super Bowl deals, back-to-school deals, etc. There is always some sort of deal happening every month, so saving up for the right deal at the right time is essential.

These tips and tricks have always helped me when it comes to shopping. Some deals are always right there, but there are also hidden ones. With the right amount of time and searching, you will be a pro with saving money while online shopping. Happy shopping!