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Meet Pi Beta Phi’s Chapter President: Danielle Cristobal

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at WVU chapter.

Danielle Cristobal, the incoming chapter president for Pi Beta Phi at WVU, discusses the reasons why she decided to go Greek, and how that has impacted who she is as a person.


HC: Introduce yourself! Name, hometown, major, etc.

DC: My name is Danielle Cristobal. I am from Macungie, Pennsylvania, and am majoring in accounting and finance.

HC: When and what made you decide to go greek?

DC: I joined Pi Beta Phi my freshman year through formal recruitment in Spring 2017. I decided to go Greek because I wanted something more out of college than getting a degree. I wanted to have meaningful friendships and experiences to look back on and continue after college.

HC: How has being in a sorority impacted who you are?

DC: Being in a sorority has impacted who I am through the opportunities given to me. I was involved in leadership throughout my life in my work and in the key club in high school. Being on the executive council for a sorority has been the most rewarding experience I could have gone through. It has shown me that I am capable of being not only a role model to others but that I am able to balance school life and the workload from being in any type of leadership role.

HC: Greek life tends to have a bad perspective on it, what do you want to say to those that don’t understand Greek life?

DC: Greek life at West Virginia University is so welcoming. My favorite part about Greek life at this school is how we have Panhellenic meetings that bring together chapter members from every chapter and everyone is invited. I met my best friends through Greek life and joining a sorority. I was not truly comfortable in college until I found my home at Pi Phi.


HC: Anything else you want readers to know about greek life/Pi Beta Phi?

DC: I would say to anyone considering Greek life to go for it, even if you aren’t completely set on it. Everyone has different reasons why they want to join Greek life whether it is to find those friends to study at the library for hours, get lunch with or find a support system in college. I joined personally because I wanted all of these things and I found it in my chapter.

Jaylin McManus is a senior at WVU studying marketing.
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