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Meet Natalie Bowman, Writer for HC at WVU

HC: Introduce yourself! Name, major, hometown, interests, etc

NB: My name is Natalie Bowman, I am a Broadcast Journalism Major with Minors in Marketing and Law and Legal Studies. I’m from St. Albans, West Virginia. My interests include anything outdoors, I love going on new adventures and trying new things, the more I experience the happier I am so traveling is my favorite thing ever. I drink way too much tea and way too much coffee. I adore animals and will do anything for my sweet pets. Family is super important to me, my mom is my #1 best friend and role model, I could talk about her for hours and want to write a piece on her at some point because she’s awesome. I run a lot, like everyday. And I can jump a car with a tiny battery in the rain ;)

HC: How has it been since starting at WVU? 

NB: I was raised on WVU, my mother went to law school here and a lot of other members of my family went up here as well. We watched every game on the tv at home and we came to them when we could too. I even had blue and gold braces as a kid (pictured below). So when it came time to start applying to colleges there was no other option, I toured a few places but only applied to WVU. Morgantown has always felt like home and knowing I was carrying on a legacy made the transition into college life a lot easier.

HC: What are you involved in on campus? What are your favorite things about those organizations?

NB: Her Campus has been an incredible experience, it honestly feels like a family. The atmosphere is so inviting and encouraging, everyone is trying to grow as a writer and everyone is more than willing to help you with your growth as well. I feel like I’ve been in Her Campus for much longer than I actually have because of how genuine and kind everyone has been to me.

HC: What are your future career goals/aspirations? 

NB: I have a lot of different goals and aspirations, not just for my career but for my life. After graduation I want to work as a broadcast reporter. My biggest unrealistic goal is to work for NBC, maybe one day. I love marketing, I did a program for 4 years in high school that let me get some hands on experience with it and it never felt like work, so I’d love to be in marketing too. I’ve also always been interested in law, inspired by my mother for sure. I don’t plan on being a practicing lawyer right now, but I know I want the degree and I can definitely use it in the future with any career path I take.

HC: What do you find most important about being a woman in media?

I think the most important thing about being a woman in media is representation. There’s a lot of issues facing women right now, especially with sexual harassment in the workplace. It’s extremely important to me to create a world for all the little girls that come after me in which they don’t have to worry about being harassed or threatened at work, or anywhere else. Being in media gives you a voice and a platform, and I want to use mine to the best of my ability to promote respect, love, and peace, things this world could use a lot more of.

Her Campus at West Virginia University
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