Hygge: The Concept of Coziness

Hygge, pronounced Hue-gah, is the Scandinavian concept of enjoying those simple pleasures we often overlook. For most Norwegians and Danes, Hygge is winter-related due the harsh nature of their climate. However, you can achieve Hygge in any season.




-Listen to the April showers fall, or better yet, go splash in a few puddles with some shiny rain boots.



- Pick some of your favorite flowers at the Arboretum to brighten up your dorm room.

- Open your window to smell the fresh breeze that only comes with spring.




-Nap in a hammock while the breeze rocks you.



-Lay out and bask in the warmth of the sun with lemonade and a book.

-Go camping in the mountains to escape the heat of lower elevations.





-Go on a tour of the fall leaves, and check out all the glorious colors.



-Have a picnic in Woodburn circle with your favorite plaid blanket.



-Savor your first sip of a seasonal latte from Starbucks.




Watch the first snow, and maybe catch some snowflakes on your tongue.



-Listen to a fire crackle as you cuddle your pet or read a mystery novel.



-Decorate for your favorite winter holiday, and really get into the spirit of it!


None of these may be your Hygge, or all of them may be. Go out, and find your cozy. Tell us about your adventures!