How To Save Money For Your Summer Travels

With summer being just around the corner, the urge to explore and travel tends to increase–but traveling can be expensive. Hopefully, with these sites and tools, you can find ways to easily save money so you can enjoy your upcoming vacations. 


Honey is a software system that can be downloaded onto your browser. It will pop up on each site you visit and apply any promo codes that are available. Not only is this used on a lot of popular clothing sites, but it is also used for airfare. Another benefit of this software is that instead of offering promo codes on certain sites, sometimes they will offer you Honey Gold. For example, having 1,000 gold points mean that you can redeem them for a $10 gift card for certain places like Target, Walmart and more.


Student Universe

Student Universe is a website that finds the cheapest flights and hotels for students. This site offers discounted tickets outside of the country as well. Many reviews talk about how this service has gone well for them. They have been able to travel to many different places with no problems at a discounted price.


Airbnb is a good place for students to find places to stay. Some hotels don’t want students or people under a certain age staying at their hotels, so Airbnb is another option. Some Airbnb’s do have age restrictions, but you can filter your age so that you can find the right place for you. Along with that, try to find an Airbnb that has a kitchen, because eating out when on vacation adds up and becomes a huge expense. Try to save some money by cooking instead of going out for every meal.

Shuttle Services

Another tip would be to schedule a shuttle to pick you up from the airport. Ubers can get really expensive and they aren’t always available, so sometimes it is easier to schedule a shuttle. When you schedule a shuttle, you can put how many people there will be and how many bags so that you make sure you get the right size shuttle to accommodate your needs.

With all these services, saving money this summer for traveling expenses should be a breeze!