How many apps are too many? A look at WVU’s online systems

To many freshmen and even some upperclassmen, the multiple apps we have to use for WVU can be overwhelming. I have an entire folder dedicate to the apps I use (and don’t use) for attending school here. Half of them are for getting around and finding classrooms. The others are for my actual classes. After using them all, I have finally figured out which ones are worth keeping.

DUO Mobile

If you've ever had to log into eCampus, Portal, Star, your email and more, then you know about this app. It’s essentially a password for your passwords, from a different device. You also know how absolutely annoying it can be. In order to get into your school accounts, you have to use DUO to allow access to said school accounts. It adds an unnecessary step that eventually gets extremely annoying when you are rushing to get into your account to turn in last minute assignments. Fun theoretical: what if your phone dies, and all you have is your laptop?

WVU Mobile ID

Do I even have to explain this one? I know everyone has their own problems with this app, and teachers too. A lot of teachers try to use this app to count attendance but it seems to only work for a small percent of students. The rest of us are left with loading screen and a headache.

Mountain Line (Bus app)

If you hate the PRT as much as I do then you’ll want this app. This app makes it so much easier to find the bus route and the bus itself. Since I live downtown, I use the Blue & Gold Line (#38) to go from downtown to Evansdale. If you want to go to University Town Center, then you take the Gold Line (#6) from Towers and get off when you want. There’s even a bus that runs (#2) at night that goes from downtown to Evansdale and even the mall! These three are the most common, but the app definitely helps me find out where they are on their route and how long my wait will be through the blue arrow.


The GET app isn’t that bad even with its very outdated layout. It allows you to easily add Mounty Bounty to your student ID so you can wash the two weeks of clothes you’ve piled up. Adding this money to your card is really all it’s good for, so it’s just one more app taking space on your phone.


This app is probably one of the best apps I’ve used so far. You can check your meal swipes and dining dollars along with the ability to add Mounty Bounty. You can check you Mix email or log on to eCampus or check your schedule all on the same app! This is the one app you should definitely download.

WVU Mobile

This app is for the ones who seem to not be able to find building around campus or need help figuring out if the PRT is closed. If you get confused by the building acronyms then you can use this app to find the build with just the acronym. This app can also let you know if that dreaded PRT is down or not.

WVU Pass App

Let’s not forget about the app we all had to use for FallFest and Welcome Week-related activities-- yes, the one meant to minimize waiting in lines for, but had to wait in a line to get. Probably best to delete this one off your phone for more storage space, because there is no reason to keep it.