#HCHandwritten: Why Letter Writing Should Come Back In Style

Until last year, I had never written a letter for personal purposes. Because of this, I had to ask my RA for help addressing the letter. I had written letters in the past, but I never had to actually send it myself; I handed it off to my mom or teacher to send.  I understand that as an 18-year-old college student I should know how to send a letter, but I had never had a chance. This specific letter was to my boyfriend. We were doing long distance and I wanted to show my affection in a personal way. Writing a letter allowed me to show I cared for him in a way that he would remember. He still has the letter sitting on his desk at home!

During this time of COVID-19 when we are unable to see people as we normally do, writing a letter may be the perfect way to show someone that you miss them. Handwritten letters also add a personal touch. Putting in the effort, while it may be simple, of writing and sending a letter can make someone else feel special. When you write a letter, you are able to reflect on your own thoughts and feelings, which allows you to create a letter with meaning. When texting, you can mindlessly send messages without taking the time to consider the impact your words have. Simply typing your message and pressing a button to send it in an instant has little to no meaning. I receive countless texts throughout my day, and I too mindlessly reply. Receiving a letter is a ‘once in a blue moon' experience for me, but when I do receive a one, I am filled with joy that someone cared enough to send me a heartfelt message. When you have the pen in your hand and are physically writing the words, think about the joy that you are going to bring to someone else.

Writing letters also allows you to experiment with your creativity. Using different writing styles and tones lets you create a variety of letters with different meanings. You can also add some fun by using colorful pens and doodles. Adding a personal touch to the letter will emphasize the fact that you care about the person you are writing to. Recently, people have been enamored with calligraphy. Writing a letter can allow you to practice your calligraphy skills and show them off to others!

a paper envelope on top of a letter Photo by Liam Truong from Unsplash

If you would like some inspiration for your next letter, click here!



Edited by Sydney Keener