#HCAwarenessWeek: The Difference Between Regular and Diet Coke

When you hear that a product is labeled as “diet”, what does that necessarily mean?


Hearing the word “diet” in front of a product, especially as one as widely popular as Coca-Cola, often leads people to opt for that option as it naturally gives off the idea of being healthier - but is it really?

Aside from the health aspect of diet drinks, experienced fans know the difference in taste between the two options. So, which one is for you?

Health effects

The effects of a diet soda such as Coke is both positive and negative. Diet products, such as Coke, are considered diet because they’re made with artificial sugars instead of natural sugars. Because artificial sugars are not a natural source of sugar that our bodies crave, we find ourselves still craving sugar, even after consuming the diet drink.

So, if Diet Coke isn’t sweetened with “real” sugar or high-fructose corn syrup, what is it sweetened with? It’s actually a synthetic sweetener, called aspartame. Luckily, aspartame has not been linked to any major health problems.

Even with the fewer calories regarding the sugar, it could end up in a calorie overload later in the day due to cravings.  Regardless, a less-calorie option on an American-favorite drink is pretty darn cool, especially as an alternative to those who suffer from diabetes and other sugar or insulin-related health issues regarding sugar.

The taste difference

Real Coca-Cola fans know about the taste difference between Diet Coke and regular Coke. Despite the difference, fans usually prefer one over the other. With any diet drink compared to the original, consumers can tell the difference almost immediately.

Not to say that the diet versions are bad per se, but there is a taste difference, leaving fans to opt for one or the other.

What about other alternatives?

Coca-Cola is known for their extensive lines of flavors, diet options and even bottle styles - leaving die-hard fans with plenty of options to choose from.  If you’re looking for the classic Coke taste, but with zero calories or sugar, try Coke Zero.  Fans have suggested that compared to Diet Coke, Coke Zero is the better option as far as reaching that original Coke taste without the calories and sugar. Similar to Diet Coke, but with literally zero calories, and sugar of course.

If you are one of the die-hard Diet Coke fans, you’re in luck! New flavors have recently been released with more to come, in new slick packaging, fans are raving over. With new flavors consisting of lime, orange, berry and mango, classic Coke fans are getting a kick out of this spin on the original taste, attracting new fans as well.  

If you prefer the regular Coke we all know and love, new flavors are coming your way too. Just this year, Coke introduced an orange-vanilla twist on the original. With all these new options, Coke fans have limitless ways to enjoy these new spins on a favorite, classic drink.