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HC WVU: Meet your Vice President Rachel Johnson

HC: Introduce yourself!

RJ: My name is Rachel Johnson and I am from Princeton, West Virginia. I am majoring in strategic communications with an emphasis in public relations and I plan to minor in marketing and political science. In high school I was the drum major for the marching band and the only female to play golf in my county senior year. Some of my favorite things are Jesus, dogs and Broadway musicals. My family has always been huge WVU fans so I am excited to finally attend WVU be a true Mountaineer. 

HC: To get to know you, what is your favorite… TV show, movie, food?

RJ: My favorites change so often but right now I would have to say my favorite TV show is The Office, only because it’s what I am currently bingeing. I don’t have a favorite movie but I am always in the mood to watch Mean Girls, Mamma Mia or Legally Blonde. My favorite band is I Am They and my favorite food would have to be waffle fries from Chick Fil A.

HC: What are you involved in at WVU?

RJ: Along with Her Campus, I am also the associate culture editor for the Daily Athenaeum and a member of the collegiate 4-H club.

HC: How did you first get involved with Her Campus?

RJ: The Reed College of Media held a Get Involved fair at the beginning of the semester and I really wanted to find an organization where I could develop more professional writing skills and make some friends within my major. I recognized that Her Campus offered an environment where both of those things were present.

HC: Can you talk about your role as VP, and what direction you’re taking this group in?

RJ: I hope to create a really positive atmosphere where everyone feels like they can share ideas and ask for help if they need it. As VP, I plan to give meaningful feedback on articles as well as help all of our writers develop a writing style that is truly their own.

HC: What are your future career goals and aspirations?

RJ: My answer to this question varies from day to day because there is so much I want to do! I don’t necessarily have an end career goal in mind but I would like to one day manage political campaigns and write speeches. I also would love to be a social media coordinator for a big company someday. My career goals are pretty broad because I’m really open to any opportunities that come my way.

HC: Who are some of your role models?

There are so many people that I look and think, “I want to be like them.” Emma Watson and Kara Lindsay to name a couple. Emma Watson because not only is she a talented actress, but at only 26 she’s also a UN Goodwill Ambassador. Kara Lindsay because she played one of favorite characters in the Broadway musical “Newsies.” In the musical Lindsay plays a young journalist trying to cover a big story in a male dominated industry and I feel she does such a good job of bringing the character to life.

HC: Is there anything else you want readers to know?

I am so excited to watch Her Campus grow and thrive at WVU. I have always loved writing and it makes me so happy to be able to do that with a group of smart and talented young women. I hope that I can help take this organization in a direction where it can flourish.

Her Campus at West Virginia University
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