HC WVU ’18-’19: Meet your president, Maura Flynn-Therber

HC: Introduce yourself. (your name, major, where you’re from, etc.)

MFT: I grew up in Lakewood, Ohio, which is an eclectic city/town just outside of downtown Cleveland. I grew up competitively Irish dancing, was super into musical theatre from a very young age and have always loved to write. West Virginia University was the perfect school for me because of the media program, the opportunities available to students and it’s far enough, but not too far, away from home. I’m quite glad I left Cleveland for school, but I didn’t think I’d miss home (and living in a city) as much as I do.

HC: What are you involved in on campus?

MFT: Quite a few things! During my time so far at WVU I have…

  • Interned with ESPN College GameDay as an operations runner during the 2017 football season

  • Wrote opinion at the Daily Athenaeum

  • Served as the Public Relations chair for the Society of Professional Journalists

  • Interned at WVU University Relations/News

  • Sat on the social committee for Helvetia Honorary

  • Active member of both the Society of Professional Journalists and the Honors Student Association

  • Volunteered as an ambassador for the Reed College of Media

  • Taught as a peer mentor for the WVU Honors College

HC: Tell me about your internship at WVUToday.

MFT: This internship has really changed my experience here at WVU because it has ingrained me so wholly with the voices of amazing people doing such amazing things on campus and beyond. I am learning so much from my coworkers and bosses that improves my writing, editing and communication skills as well as reinforcing my passion for journalism and interest in the university. It definitely is a lot to handle sometimes with full-time classes, a 20-hour work week and extracurriculars but it’s forced me to prioritize everything I have on my plate and manage my time accordingly.

HC: How did you first get involved with Her Campus?

MFT: I had never even heard about HC before I started at WVU, but I’m so glad I ran into the booth at the Reed College of Media’s “Get Involved” event in 2017. I started writing immediately, was able to go to NYC for HC College Fashion Week and just kept writing.

HC: Can you talk about the direction you’re taking Her Campus in this year?

MFT: My biggest focus for this group is fostering relationships, collaboration, teamwork and empowerment. I am a big advocate for connecting face-to-face, because I believe technology, though convenience, sometimes hinders our abilities to perform at our best. I have met some of the most impressive and supportive girls through Her Campus and my hope is for all team members (and beyond!) to feel the same with a solid network of like-minded peers. We have a very unique opportunity to write content based on what WVU students need to know, and what they want to know as well, and I believe this team can really be a source of valuable information for the campus and beyond.

HC: What does being a trendsetter mean? What does this position mean to you?

MFT: I hold Her Campus very near and dear to my heart, so being involved with it at various levels is really quite amazing. Having access to fellow Her Campus trendsetters across the globe is such a source of support and networking and anything I can do to give back to this organization is very important to me and I encourage all college women to get involved with HC if it sparks interest.

HC: What are your future career goals and aspirations?

MFT: Something! I genuinely don’t have a solid idea at this point. I think the Reed College is shaping me quite well as a media professional and I think I’ll just cross that bridge when I get to it, whether that bridge is work or grad school.

HC: Who are some of your role models?

MFT: My mom, always and forever. Not only does she pick up my phone calls at least three times a day (a bit excessive, I know) but it’s really incredible to know I have such a strong support from home and that really motivates me. She’s truly my best friend and my favorite person in the world to be around. 

HC: Is there anything else you want the readers to know?

MFT: Support women! To any woman, doing anything-- these are interesting times we live in and the culture of hate going around-- across the internet especially, across the country and across the world-- is dangerous and toxic. Be kind and do good for the people around you.