Eco-Conscious & Ethical Influencers You Need to Follow

Social media makes up a large amount of the consumer-based society that exists today. We scroll through feed after feed, so staying up to date with the latest trends and what is happening in our world is all-consuming. Social media has evolved from just various platforms to careers. While this is an incredible outlet for creators, it begs the question: what are we consuming and how does it truly influence us? Is there a way to turn our social media consumption into something productive or overall beneficial for more than entertainment? There are creators and “influencers” active on social media that are committed to sustainability, ethical consumption and eco-consciousness that use their platforms and lifestyles as education and inspiration tools for their audiences. So, in no particular order, here are 4 influencers you should follow. 


1. KRISTEN LEO (@kristenleo

Kristen Leotsakou is a blogger and YouTuber from Athens, Greece. Her content is centered around veganism, sustainability and ethical fashion. Kristen has been a staunch activist against fast fashion and has produced some amazingly insightful and educational videos regarding the fashion industry that are also fun and creative. 


2. CHRISTIE SEDONA (@sedonachristina)


Christie Sedona is a blogger and YouTuber from Seattle, Washington. Her content on her channel revolves around sustainability, ethical consumption, zero-waste living and general self-love and self-care. Her blog is a great resource and guide for eco-friendly living and an all-around intentional and sustainable lifestyle. 


3. SUSTAINABLY SHELBI (@shelblizlee


Shelbi is a YouTuber, blogger and podcaster and focuses on her passion for making sustainability accessible and attainable for everyone. Shelbi leads by example and demonstrates how to live eco-consciously step-by-step. Her content is informative and educational and she really knows her stuff as she has a Bachelor of Environmental Science. 


4. ELLEN FISHER (@ellenfisher


Ellen Fisher and her beautiful family live on Maui and are committed to ethical veganism as well as sustainability and remaining as eco-conscious as possible. Ellen and her husband Andrew have raised over $20,000 with their Charity Water campaign to raise awareness and provide clean water to communities in need. Ellen’s content centers around healthy vegan/plant-based recipes and healthy and intentional living while giving some crazy baby fever with her adorable children.


Edited by Sydney Keener