Decorating a Tiny Apartment

When living on campus in college–especially here in Morgantown, many students trade space for location because let’s face it that dream apartment you keep looking at on line costs way too much $$$$. If you’re wondering how to squeeze all of your shoes into that small closet, don’t stress. Here are some pointers on how to decorate a TINY apartment with pieces that will not break the bank.


Storage ottoman

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Store items like blankets or cleaning supplies and doubles as a seat for when people visit. Other dual-purpose furniture is also a good idea.



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Storage space without the big bookcases.


Light rugs

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Light colors can make a small space feel bigger.



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Matching the curtain color to your walls will make the place feel bigger by giving your eyes the illusion of an unbroken line. Also, vertical stripes will give make the ceilings seem higher.


Lucite table

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Opt for these pieces of furniture over bulky ones to make the space more visible.


Metallics and Mirrors

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Light reflects off these objects making the space feel less small.