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The Debate: Cake vs. Pie

Cake: has brought us globs of deliciously unhealthy icing (that doesn’t always make it onto the cake)

Gives us a yearly excuse for a healthy expression of pyromania

Mini cupcakes- for when you need to feel like a giant!

Is so good that we question our priorities

Makes every person want to be a professional cake decorator

Pie: also doubles as a breakfast food

Can be called “healthy” because it contains what was once an apple

Tops off the annual binge eating festival that is Thanksgiving

Could be made from literally anything you have

They also come in miniature!


Each dessert is pretty great so why not put them together? Introducing the piecaken!

If you can’t choose which side you’re on, then I suggest trying the piecaken. After all, cake and pie get all the love. Doesn’t the piecaken deserve some too?

I am a sophomore at West Virginia University. I am majoring in English and History, with hopes of becoming a professor or a lawyer. On campus I am a member of Alpha Omicron Pi, the Honors College, and of course Her Campus! In my free time, I can be found cooking, reading, and playing with my guinea pigs.
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