Are Face Rollers Worth the Hype?


Throughout the past few years, skincare has become increasingly more popular. People have begun to share their routines online and some have made careers by simply reviewing beauty and skincare products. One of the new phenomenons in the United States is face rolling, but the practice has actually been around forever. I got two face rollers recently and have been using them daily and I must say I do have some minor results. So, what’re the benefits of face rolling? Where did it come from? And why is everyone suddenly doing it? 

I did a little research on face rollers before investing in some because I had been interested in them but didn’t really understand what exactly they do besides massage your face. But face rollers actually have a few benefits, they increase the blood flow in the skin for up to ten minutes after use and are great for depuffing your face in the morning. Some beauty vloggers and professionals also use the rollers to apply moisturizers and eye creams, which seems like a good idea because then your hands don’t absorb the product. I usually use my rollers in the morning when I first wake up and at night before bed to de-puff my face and also relax my face. I also use a roller when I do a sheet mask, to roll on the mask one last time before I remove it and also roll the excess serum into my skin once the mask is removed, it’s like a facial at home.

I have noticed that since I began rolling twice a day (morning with a rose quartz roller and night with a green jade roller), my face has had some subtle yet noticeable changes.

  • Less redness in the mornings.

  • My face isn’t as puffy when I wake up and the puffiness goes away faster.

  • My skin is brighter (which could actually be a result of other things I’m doing).

  • My face feels slightly tighter and firmer.

Face rolling isn’t new, the practice has been around for ages and like most of our skincare tips, tricks, and techniques it comes from Asia. It’s speculated that rollers were invented during the Qing Dynasty of China, so they’ve been around for a while. There is even a gold-accented roller in the palace museum. 

Although not everyone gets the same results with a face roller, they are nifty little tools to have around, however, with growing popularity comes a growing price, and it’s debatable whether or not the rollers are actually worth it. If you’re interested in face rolling I recommend trying it, if nothing else the process is relaxing and relieving. I’ll continue to use mine this semester to hopefully reduce the amount and effect of stress on my face.


Edited by Kenzie Dye