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8 Ways to Take Care of Yourself During Midterms, Featuring Cute Animals

Are midterms getting the best of you? While watching Netflix to avoid studying is never a good thing to do, sometimes you just need to stop and take a break to take care of yourself. Here are a few things to do for which your body and mind will thank you:

1. Take a walk

Fresh air will always do you good, plus there’s only a few weeks before it’ll get too cold to want to go outside!

2. Drink water

Put down the coffee and Red Bull. Your body is craving hydration!

3. Make something

Have some fun and pick up a crafty hobby. Painting, knitting, or even just coloring will help your mind relax and refocus.

4. Get enough sleep

Like water, your body needs enough sleep to function properly. All-nighters are not worth being exhausted during the exam.

5. Eat something green

Too much ramen or Easy Mac is going to make you feel terrible—drag yourself to the kitchen or dining hall and make yourself something nutritious with green vegetables.

6. Get active outside

Throw a ball. Go for a run. Pick up a game of Frisbee. Getting moving is good for your body and your brain!

7. Spend time with your friends

Everyone is stressed at the same time during midterms. Be there for each other and try to laugh a bit to recharge. 

8. Call home

Call your parents. They miss you, and they’ll help you work through everything.

Good luck this midterms week. You’ve got this!

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