11 Things You Miss About Being A Kid On Halloween

The leaves changing color, the crisp, cool air and fake cobwebs strung up around bushes next to carved pumpkins instantly evokes a rush of nostalgia.  Halloween is still my favorite time of year, but it will never compare to how it was 10 years ago. As we get older, the traditions change and the only thing we can do is reminisce about the good old days of costume parades, trick-or-treating, and sugar highs.

1. The Halloween costume catalog

Getting this in the mail meant it was officially Halloween time. This catalog presented that year’s coolest costumes, and you knew you had to beg your mom to order the one you wanted or make her take you on a trip to try it on at the Halloween store.


2. Wearing your costume to school

You would strut into your classroom dressed in your super cute angel costume you’ve been waiting days to finally wear, and for once you were actually excited to be at school. Of course, Jenny had to be wearing the same costume as you, but you two would probably get over it and become BFFs by recess.


3. Walking in the school parade

I’m not quite sure who enjoyed the parade more, the kids or the parents. We all secretly loved it because it was a reason to miss class and show off our costumes to the entire school.


4. Disney Channel’s Hauntober Fest

Kids these day may know it as “Monstober” on Disney Channel, but we got to experience the real thing. Halloweentown, Twitches, Mom’s Got a Date with a Vampire, Don’t Look Under the Bed, and the list goes on and on. These movies were (and still are) the best. Whenever October rolls around, I’m not ashamed to say I still watch these spooky flicks.

5. And the TV shows that had Halloween specials

These were the best. The Lizzie McGuire and Suite Life of Zack and Cody Halloween episodes were my personal favorites, but it was always exciting to see what show was going to have a Halloween special each year.


6. R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps books

These books and the movies used to really freak me out, but that never stopped me from reading or watching them. It was the perfect kid-friendly Halloween series.


7. The excitement of getting ready to go trick-or-treating

All day you couldn’t stop thinking about getting all dressed up and going to get your candy. It seemed like time went by so much slower, and you just couldn’t wait for the sun to set. After your mom took a million pictures (that are now in embarrassing family photo albums), you would run out the door to meet your friends, and the candy hunt would officially begin.


8. Using a pillowcase to hold your candy

Every kid started out using one of those plastic pumpkin buckets, and then eventually transitioned into the pillowcase years. I’m not quite sure when or why this switch happens, but I do know using a pillowcase made me feel much cooler. And it obviously held more candy.


9. Running around your neighborhood with all your friends

It was a night where you did not have to have any parent supervision. You got to be with your closest friends, and it was always fun to see who else you would run into.


10. And then going home to count and trade your candy

Dumping out a giant bag full of candy is every kid’s dream. Watching it all pile up on the floor and realizing it’s all yours. You would count how many pieces you got, weed out all the nasty stuff, and then trade with your friends so you had all your favorite kinds. And if you were like me, you would end up hiding it in a secret place where your parents couldn’t find it. No one was stealing my Halloween candy.


11. Getting to eat candy everyday for the next two months

After Halloween, there was not when single day when you didn’t take a piece of candy out of your stash. You either brought a piece for a snack at school, ate it after dinner, or maybe even both if you were lucky. You would eventually end up giving a couple pieces to your mom or dad, but in the end you ate enough candy to last you until next year’s Halloween.