My Thoughts: Flying Home from College for the First Time

I can’t wait to be home!

I’m missing everyone so much

I can’t wait to be there.

Okay I need to start packing

Wait… I am packing to go home?

Don’t overpack, there is no room on the plane

*Packs the entire closet*

Well shiiiii

*Realizes I still have clothes at home*

*Repacks and basically brings nothing*

Okay call it, I’m done

Wow, I am going to get to see my family and my friends back home and my DOGS

Wow I really miss the mountains, I love the Palouse but the hills are not the same

*Gets stopped by security for the Cougar Gold I was carrying*

Look at the mountains!

“We are beginning our descent”

My brothers don’t know I’m coming

I can’t wait to see them

The train from the concourse is so slow

I just wanna see my family


They look so grown up… how long have I been gone?

I missed my parents and their hugs

Wow I cannot believe that I am finally in Colorado

We’re driving and I can see mountains! Not hills!

Getting closer and I recognize the area

*Neighborhood has new development with the addition of 30 ish new homes* OH wow


It smells so good here

I missed my room

I missed my family

I get to see my dogs!!

*Casually sprints downstairs and outside*


They’re freaking out and they are so happy to see me and I love them so much

It is so good to be home