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Finals week of college is notorious for being the most stressful time of the year. Everyone is scrambling to cram in the last bit of information before their exams and campus is full of chaotic students thinking their future is on the line. Since tensions are high, it is in everyone’s best interest to not get caught in the crossfire of a college student’s academic rage. Your best move is follow these simple rules to ensure a productive and low profile finals week.

1. Get the perfect playlist

Music is the perfect way to focus your brain and calm your nerves. We all know that classical piano playlist on spotify that you keep a secret is perfect for helping you focus on writing that final essay. Having some toe-tapping tunes even while walking to class will you put you in a better mood.

2. Plan it all out

Writing down all of your assignments, exams, and study time in a planner will help you feel like you have everything under control. The less you feel overwhelmed, the better you will do on finishing your assignments and not forgetting anything. Try setting reminders in your phone if you know planners don’t work for you.

3. Study with friends

Studying by yourself can actually be less productive than studying with friends. You are more susceptible to being distracted by watching YouTube and scrolling through instagram when you are alone. It is especially helpful to study with people that are taking the same class as you so if you have questions they can be answered.

4. Treat yourself

Buying that delicious brownie you’ve been craving or buying yourself an early christmas gift for finishing your work is the perfect reward. Setting goals for yourself with a treat when you finish as an incentive will help motivate you and will make finals week a little less painful.

5. Take care of your body

Holing yourself up in your room for the next two weeks might seem like a good idea when it isn’t. It is important to take mental breaks and go for a walk or a trip to the gym. Drinking lots of water to stay hydrated, getting enough sleep, and doing something fun that you enjoy will make you study better for finals. You won’t retain enough information by studying mindlessly for hours on end before an important exam. Taking care of yourself will help you feel more confident and healthy going into finals week. 078


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